Rangers Acquire Grosek and Brown

By Brandon LeBourveau
Finally today all the Stephane Quintal rumors to Chicago came true as the
Rangers and ‘Hawks found a loophole in the rules and pulled off a very
interesting trade. Stephane Quintal has a clause in his contract that if he
is traded, another year automatically gets added on. So to avoid trading him
and getting his contract extended, the Rangers and ‘Hawks worked out a side
deal. The Rangers placed Quintal on waivers so that the ‘Hawks could claim
him. As soon as Quintal was claimed, Chicago would send compensation to the
Rangers for “future considerations.” Today the deal was finalized, as the
Rangers received 25 year old Left Winger Michal Grosek and 24 year old
defenseman Brad Brown from Chicago for “future considerations”, which in
reality is Stephane Quintal. Some people have been saying that the future
considerations in this deal will turn out to be something very good in favor
of Chicago, but I think at best the ‘Hawks will get someone like Eric
Lacroix, John MacLean, a mid-round draft pick or a mid-level prospect such as
Brandon Deitrich, Jeff Ulmer, David Inman, etc. It was reported in Newsday
today in New York that the Rangers would pay about 1 million of the 7+
million left on Quintal’s contract over the next 3 years.

I think Glen Sather and the Rangers came away with a huge steal in this
deal. Although it was very surprising to see the Blackhawks trade Grosek
after they just got him at the deadline last year from Buffalo for Doug
Gilmour, J-P Dumont and 3 million dollars, I am very pleased to see him in a
Rangers uniform. Grosek is still only 25, and albeit having a bad attitude
and known for disappearing in games, he is a great power-forward who can
easily rack up 50 points this season. I like Brad Brown as well, as he is a
great 5th-6th defenseman who plays a solid, physical game. However, I really
don’t see where he fits in on the Rangers as they already have ten defenseman
NHL defenseman (Leetch, Malakhov, Lefebvre, Pilon, Johnsson, Mottau,
Purinton, Doig, Kloucek and now Brown). I can definitely see Sather pulling
off another deal to trade some of their young defenseman for some young
forward prospects. All in all, the Rangers win this trade if they get away
with not having to give up any good young players or star prospects such as
Pavel Brendl or Jamie Lundmark.