Shaken it with Schaefer

By pbadmin

The Vancouver Canucks wrapped the show up last night against the Panthers with an excellent win of 3 – 2. Let’s all add another point to Schaefers list of assists. He assisted in Messiers goal as the Canucks triumphed last night over the Panthers.

Coming into the season Peter wasn’t believed to be a candidate for Rookie of the year, however with the absence of Jovo-Cop and Aucoin he was given an opportunity on the power play at the point, which was occupied by Aucoin previously. Now, he took this opportunity and now has himself listed as the NHL’s leading rookie scorer and just finished October as the Rookie of the month. Not bad for the native of Yellow Grass, Saskatchewan.

Now to basically give everybody a big scoop on the Canucks young youth. Well, the hot guys are currently Steve Kariya and Peter Schaefer. What should we all be happy about? Well they are both 100% pure Canadians. That’s right, they woke up like all other 9 year olds, had their bowl of Kellogs, got in Dad’s car and drove to the hockey rink at 6 in the morning for their practice. Another great thing is the Canucks this year have 19 of 27 players that are Canadians (this includes injury reserve). Now, to make things even more interesting, we don’t have many Europeans on this team, who are they? Mattias Ohlund, Alexandre Mogilny, and Artem Chubarov. That is only 3 and our only rookie is Artem Chubarov and next year we will be for sure adding the Sedin twins and that means guaranteed 5 Europeans next year. I am completely Canadian and love to see our Canadian products playing as this is why I am bringing this up.

The Canucks do have a good solid based on Canadian youth and it is something to be proud of I feel. Nothing against Europeans or anything however I feel growing up as a Canadian and being given a chance to see these games and wanting to play in them is a realistic dream to work for. I am willing to bet the first time 80% or more of Europeans saw a live NHL game was when they first stepped on the ice for the team they are drafted by. Anyhow, I am turning into Don Cherry so let’s leave it at that.

As most people have heard, the Vancouver Canucks will not be with the Syracuse Crunch next season as the Crunch signed a deal with the expansion club in Columbus. Rumblings have been that the Canucks are in negotiations to make the Manitoba Moose their official affiliate. That is unofficial however, I have heard from people that this is a good possibility.

As I am on the topic of the Crunch, the Stan Smyl crew are now 3-5-1 however, they are second in their division as Albany, Hamilton and Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, well plain suck! The team is showing much improvement especially after the last game against Rochester as the Canucks showed how much promised youth in scoring is available. Martin Gendron poked in the puck as did Brian Bonin and Chris O’Sullivan. Through the season Harold Druken has been looking very good out there and so has Matt Cooke out of everybody. Crawford and Burke were checking out their farm club during the road trip in New York and checked out a game and Crawford stated that Cooke is most notably ready for the NHL, however, the Canucks just didn’t have any room for him.

Pavel Bure missed out on the return to Vancouver on Friday night. However, Brian Burke made quite a point that is hard to argue with. With the 1st round pick in the Bure deal he was able to pull off acquiring Daniel and Henrik Sedin. Seems like Burke is making all his critics eat their words after stunning performances by rookie goal tender Kevin Weekes and the #1 defense men on the Canucks, Ed Jovanovski.

Kudo’s to Peter Schaefer for the Rookie of the month award. Be sure to send in your comments to me at [email protected] as every once and awhile I will write back to my readers.