Norwegian U-20 in Germany

By Evan Andriopoulos
The National U-20 team appeared once again in the German Four Nations Tourney in Fussen that featured a USHL (USA) all star club made up of primarily 18 year olds as well as National U-20 team (Under 20) from Germany and Switzerland and were sent home packing.

Norway started with a 9-2 loss to Germany followed by a 10-2 blasting by the more physical US team and a 7-1 defeat by the more experienced Swiss.

The National Team was included up and comers Patrick Thoresen (Storhamar) and Lars Nagel (MS) but were simply overmatched. The National Junior Team is preparing for the World Junior B tourney also in Fussen, Germany later in December. While the prognosis is not good for a move up to Group A there is still a shot and much pressure lies on the shoulders of Thoresen and Nagel.

Full Roster Norwegian National U-20

Halvor Haarstad Evjen(Frisk Asker)
Mats Johansen        (NTG/Lillehammer)

Kim Brandvold           (Manglerud/Star)
Marius Fredriksen(Stjernen)
Anders Helgesen        (Stjernen)
André Høibyhagen(Vålerenga)
Ola Johannessen        (Lillehammer)
Svein Magnus Melgaard(NTG/Lillehammer)
Petter Skolla        (Manglerud/Star)

Jonas Andersen        (Sparta Sarpsborg)
Morten Bakkene        (Frisk Asker)
Bjarte Bjønnes        (Sparta Sarpsborg)
Anders Fredriksen(Tingsryd (SWEDEN)
Lasse Fredriksen(Furuset)
Peter Lorentzen (Stjernen)
Lars Peder Nagel(Manglerud/Star)
René Sethereng        (Frisk Asker)
Eirik Skadsdammen(Storhamar)
Knut Henrik Spets(NTG/Lillehammer)
Inge Stokvik        (Trondheim)
Patrick Thoresen(Storhamar)
Christian Thygesen(Vålerenga)

Espen Knutsen earned kudos and his 3 point of the season in his 10th game with the Columbus Blue Jackets while Anders Myrvold is tied for the team lead with a +3 at the Springfield Falcons of the AHL.

Aker Hockey began their season with three disasterous games losing by wide margins. For more information see