Dallas Stars Draft Preview

By pbadmin

Dallas has the misfortune of picking at #28 of the first round this year, but they may not stay there though. Much like last year the Stars could very well move down in the draft, but they might just move up this year.

This would be a rather interesting occurrence, as the competition between Detroit and Dallas for a top five pick could be rather delicious. As for who the Stars might be moving up to get, look no farther than Jamie Lundmark-C (Moosejaw, WHL). He has the intangibles Dallas covets, and also has the skills and speed that Dallas sorely needs at the center position. Although the price to move up that high to get Jamie would be rather costly, this move could still be a very real possibility.

Since the Stars still have the #28 pick, we can only speculate as to who they might select in that particular slot. A good place to begin this speculation is with a brief look at some of the tendencies associated with a Dallas draft.

Covet These Traits
Intangibles (includes work-ethic, desire, & leadership)
Defensive Responsibilty / Two-way Play
More Europeans
In recent years they have shown an increased interest in European bred talent. For example, in 1997 they selected five Europeans out of a total of nine overall picks. In 1998 they selected a total of three Europeans out of a total of six overall picks. Whether this is due to the signability/re-entry issue, or a realization of the Euros higher skill level, the Stars have noticeably increased their selection of overseas player.
Uncover the D-men
They have shown over and over again that they know how to tab defensemen. Whether it’s the stay-at-home kind, the two-way kind, or the offensive kind, Dallas has had success with high and low round picks alike. Look for this trend to continue on in this draft as well.
Low Round Keepers
The Stars have always taken goaltenders in the middle to late rounds, refusing to spend their high picks on such a difficult position. In turn, this philosophy has reaped major dividends, as Roman Turek (’90-#113) and Marty Turco (’94-# 124) have blossomed into top-flight players. This year’s draft is probably the time when they again try to find that potential sleeper pick.
Having looked at some of the Stars long standing trends, we can now look ahead to what might become some of the newer tendencies for this franchise.

Better Wheels
With the exception of John Erskine, last year’s draft showed a new commitment towards finding players with more speed. Long known for their rather sluggish pace, Dallas is trying to reverse that reality with the likes of Tyler Bouck, Pavel Patera, Gabriel Karlsson, etc.

More Skill
Dallas has a plethora of solid 3rd and 4th liners in their system, along with a few nice 2nd liners, but still they truly lack pure skill 1st line forwards. In turn, this weakness appears to be a newly found focal point of the scouting department, as potential skill prospects make their way to the top of the Dallas board.