Star Gazing – A Mid-Term Look

By pbadmin

Roman Lyashenko-C
Has really been solid in his pro debut. Examples can be seen in his play away from the puck, his vision with the puck, and his ability to take a hit to make a play. Look for Roman to remain in Dallas the whole year, despite being 20 years old, and look for him to be no less than a third line center during his stay.
Brenden Morrow-LW
Has shown the ability to play a power game while maintaining a solid skill level. Brenden is an excellent body-checker, drives the net, and has good adeptness with the puck. Further more, he has shown a tendency to go to the backhand when passing to an open man, and he has been rather successful in doing so. Further more, Brenden has found what looks to be a permanent spot on the second line, with the result being a surprising chemistry on that line. In all, his play has pushed Jon Sim out of the picture for now, while virtually assuring himself a long- term future on the second line.

John Erskine-D
While John’s skating is still rather poor, his overall skill level has improved quite a bit. As a result, even though critics abound (including myself), all must take notice of this fact. This fact presents itself in the form of increased discipline, improved puck control, and large amounts of ice time. Given these facts, one must admit that this progress does lend itself to some feelings of optimism for a future in the NHL.

Tyler Bouck-F
This season has finally found Tyler breaking the point-per-game mark. However, what continues to be his calling card is his tremendous speed and character. These traits alone all but guarantee him a future spot with the Stars, and continue to make him a bright spot for the organization.

Ryan Christie-LW
Has taken his raw talents to a higher level this year, and consequently his goal and point totals have soared with the K-Wings. Much of this success can be accredited to increased ice-time, and the year of experience he received with the K-Wings last year. Ryan must still fill out more, and improve his skating to move up the organizational depth chart, but his projectable size and hands make him very interesting.

Jon Sim-LW
A season that was supposed to find him with the Stars has turned into another year in the minors. The main reason for this occurrence is due to the fact that Jon’s commitment to the defensive side of the game has been spotty. However, with that said, he was a plus three in his stint with Dallas early in the year, but a clear lack of confidence on the part of the organization is undeniable.
Jamie Wright-LW
Once seen as a player with promise, Jamie is now seen as a player with little future on the Dallas roster. This is clearly due to his perceived lack of upside, and his obvious lack of offensive output. As a result, look for the eventual trade or expansion selection of Jamie within the next year’s time.