Injuries good for the Blues???

By Danny Raborn
With the shoulder injuries to Nash and Young, the Bartecko out with a sprained ankle, and Hill out with a groin injury, the Blues have a little more room on an overloaded roster;

Reasoner and Nagy should be on the team right now, but there is just too much depth.

Corso could find a spot on the Blues after scoring the only goal of the game vs the Ducks, in his first ever NHL game.

Vladimir Chebaturkin has been very solid for the Blues in the few games he has participated in, and is exactly the type of defenseman the Blues could use right now, a defenseman that knows how to hit. A poor mans version of Darius Kasparitis, Chebaturkin would be a regular in the line up if it were not for Finley, Bergevin, and soon to be another problem Todd Reirden.

Van Ryn could be a regular with the Blues if he were paired with Pronger. It has worked well with the Salvador-Macinnis pairing. Every game Salvador gets that much better while a future great defenseman has to play with the Ice Cats after he was more than ready to play with the big club.

Alex Khavanov has also been a great rookie for the Blues, maybe not a young player, playing in his rookie season at the age of 28 Khavanov has been challenging Hill for ice time, and the title of number three defenseman. Barret Jackman will likely make the squad next year too, and that is an even bigger problem.

After a few trades or putting some players on waivers to trim the fat the Blues could be that much better. Finley is expendable, a solid d-man, but could play for The Cats to make a little room for Van Ryn, Chebbaturkin, and Jackman. Bergevin has been a healthy scratch for every game but one after recovering from his broken hand, Pittsburgh and Ottawa have both shown interest in him. Reirden is just starting to prove himself and would be nice for an expansion team.

Besides Al Macinnis the Blues have no one on the verge of retirement, and Macinnis is one player they definitely do not want to get rid of.

But for now it may be a good time to see the Blues youngsters go out there and prove themselves worthy, starting with Corso and Chebbaturkin.

Note:Today 12/06/2000, Daniel Corso and Pascal Rheaume were sent back down to Worcester and Todd Reirdan was sent to Worcester for conditioning