Finnish prospects update

By Mikko Vuori

If you think someone is missing, feel free to ask for them to be added to update.

Stats: position, name, games, goals, assists, points, plus/minus andpenalty minutes

W Teemu Elomo 30 1+ 6= 7 +4 34

Dallas 1997 pick, speedy winger Teemu Elomo
has had problems with scoring. Only
one goal in 30 games in not what coach
Jortikka is expenting from him.

D Ray Giroux 22 3+ 9=12 +1 34

Inlanders’ Ray Giroux started season in IFK
Helsinki. He suffered from wrist injury,
and was not able to play as well as can.
Giroux plays now for AIK in Sweden.

W Niklas Hagman 30 15+ 6=21 -2 24

Florida procpect Hagman uses his speed
and good shot to score. He is still quite one
dimensional player.

W Jukka Hentunen 30 9+14=23 +3 18

Calgary 2000 6th round pick Hentunen
had a slow star with Jokerit, but
after great performance in Finnish national team
he started to score also in SM-liiga.

F Mikael Holmqvist 27 2+ 3= 5 0 8

Holmqvist was not able to practis at summer
because of a injury. He hasn’t been able
to take a step to next level with his game.

W Hannes Hyvönen 30 9+ 6=15 +1 20

Sharks late round pick Hannen Hyvönen
has started to play hockey instead
of taking bad penalties. He could
reach 20 goals.

C Niko Kapanen 30 4+12=16 1 10

Stars prospect Niko Kapanen hasn’t
yet been able to adjust to TPS Turku’s system.
Has been good in Finnish national team.

D Marko Kauppinen 26 2+ 2= 4 -2 8

Philly prospect Kauppinen doesn’t have a
regular job in Jokerit Helsinki, though
he plays for Finland in Moscow’s
national team tournament. He has
played some games in Sweden.

C Mikko Koivu 15 0+ 1= 1 +1 2

2001 prospect Mikko Koivu has split
season between TPS senior and junior team.
Managed to get one point in 15 games.

D Ilkka Mikkola 17 1+ 2= 3 +10 10

Mikkola missed games with infury.
After that he has played solid hockey.

D Tero Määttä20 0+ 1= 1 -2 14

Sharks 2000 pick has had a regular job in
Blues’ defense. Hasn’t been great, but
no one was expecting that would.

W Tuomas Pihlman 27 2+ 5= 7 +8 18

2001 procpects Pihlman has been playing
as a checker in JYP Jyväskylä. He leads
team in plus/minus with +8.

F Teemu Riihijärvi 30 3+ 9=12 0 38

Sharks former 1st round pick Riihijärvi
is now a decent player in SM-liiga.
He is still far from NHL.

W Jani Rita 26 1+ 3= 4 -2 18

Jani Rita has been playing in Jokerit’s
3rd line. That means no pp-time.
Hamilton next season?

W Mikko Ruutu 30 2+ 3= 5 +3 20

Ottawa’s late round pick Mikko Ruutu has played
good defensive hockey for Jokerit Helsinki.
Might move to minors in couple years time.

F Tuomo Ruutu 29 5+ 4= 9 +2 28

2001 prospect Tuomo Ruutu has centered
Jokerit’s 3rd line. With 9 points he
is eight in team’s scoring.

W Tony Salmelainen 22 1+ 1= 2 -1 2

Oilers 2nd round pick in 1999 Tony
Salmelainen missed last season with injuries.
He has seen only limited ice time in IFK
Helsinki. Lately he has played for Ilves

C Tommi Santala 30 9+12=21 -4 60

Atlanta’s 1999 pick Tommi Santala
has been playing with Pavel Rosa and
Timo Pärssinen. He has been able
to put up pretty nice numbers.

D Henrik Tallinder 30 3+ 3= 6 +10 40

Tallinder has played solid hockey for
TPS Turku. He uses his size quite nicely.

W Timo Vertala 25 12+ 6=18 +5 34

Montreal prospect Timo Vertala has
continued to play well for Tappara.
Lately he has missed games
with ankle injury.

W Tomek Valtonen 17 2+ 1= 3 +3 78

Tomek Valtonen has done what he is asked to.
Plays in Jokerit’s checking line. Might
move to minors in couple years time.

D David Ytfeldt 11 0+ 4= 4 -2 26

Caucks pick Ytfeldt has suffered from
back injuries. He’s been able to
play on 11 games so far.

Goalie info in next update!