Vancouver Canucks Prospect News

By pbadmin

Henrik and Daniel Sedin started off the season strong for the Canucks, but their play has really tailed off as of late. It has been said that some of the Canucks players are getting mad at the Sedins for missing checks, not picking up their man, etc. Some conditioning time down in the minors couldn’t hurt. Could it?

Harold Druken has been really playing well for the Canucks. He scored a hat trick earlier in the season in a 6-1 win over the San Jose Sharks. I hope the Canucks hold onto Druken as he could develop into a nice 25 goal, 50 point man in the NHL.

It’s about time that Bryan Allen starts turning his play up a notch. He has been nothing but a bust since being the 4th overall pick in the 1998 Entry Draft. Everyone tagged him as the next Chris Pronger/Derian Hatcher type player, but weird injuries have sidelined him a lot since being drafted. He needs to make a statement soon, or he could be headed out the door if Brian Burke decides to pull the trigger on some sort of blockbuster deal, probably moving Todd Bertuzzi.

Rene Vydareny recently signed a contract, and was assigned to Kansas City of the IHL to get some playing time. He is currently playing for his native land for the World Junior Championships, and there has been wispers that when he returns he will get his chance with the Canucks. If he performs well, he might cause Burke to make a deal and move out someone like Jason Strudwick or Bryan Helmer.

Nathan Smith was recently one of the 1st players cut for the World Junior Championship Canadian team. I’m not too impressed with his development so far, and I still wish the Canucks would have took Martin Samuelsson or Justin Williams on draft day instead of Nathan Smith.

Josh Holden may get some playing time soon with the Canucks, and I hope he impresses. It’s been 4 years since he was drafted and he has done squat in the NHL. I’d move him for a draft pick if the right deal came along.

Brandon Reid is tearing up the QMJHL yet again, and is currently playing for team Canada at the World Junior Championships. I think he’ll be a solid NHLer and will prove all the scouts that his size will not hold him back.

Matt Cooke is having a career year for the Canucks. He has done a great job defensively and on the penalty kill while also chipping in offensively. He seems like the ideal 3rd liner that every team would love to have.

Well, that’s all for today folks!