Hometown Boy

By pbadmin
Every kid growing up thinks about playing for his favorite team while playing street hockey or watching them from the stands but very few receive such a gift.
Well the three year deal at nine million which includes incentives is the belated christmas present Mike Comrie has been waiting for since he was drafted in the fourth round 91st overall in the 1999 draft.

The majority of the incentives could be picked up in the second and third years of the contract which will be cheques Kevin Lowe would love to sign because it means his search for a second line center will be over. Future success now lies in Comrie’s hands and how quickly he adapts to the National Hockey League coming from the the Western Hockey League and U.S. College Hockey. However the impact in Mike’s development will come from Doug Weight’s mentorship and guidance over the second half of this season.

The similarities on the ice are sometimes uncanny and it is like watching Dougie play his first season in New York. Subtle body movements each make against defenders and the knack for finding the open man are attributes both players possess, but will the master teach the apprentice all his tricks remains to be seen.
At this point in time Comrie could not have stumbled onto a more perfect opportunity in that he will play for a team who’s style is complimentary to his skills and attitude, the door is virtually wide open to make place for himself in the line up.

In retrospect the decision to leave Michigan University and play for the Kootenay Ice this year may have benefited his game more than originally anticipated.
The positive aspect in being able to develop his skills by the amount of practice afforded him at Michigan is a reason Mike feels he made such great strides in his game after coming from the Alberta Junior Hockey League.
A deciding factor in changing the from one league to another Mike felt was to adjust to a professional schedule where the emphasis is on playing a more rigorous pace where 4 games could be played in a week compared to two.

Breaking through the mental aspect of the NHL may be the biggest challenge he thinks he will face in the near future while sticking to his style of game which is trying to be gritty two-way playmaking pivot. All in all if he can contribute on a nightly basis without making the rookie mistake while showing a little something special on occasion he may very well be the missing ingredient.