Welcome in Germany …

By Oliver Janz

Nr. 1 Marcel Goc
A 17-year-old center from the Schwenninger Wild Wings. He has more talent than his older brother Sascha Goc, who played this season 11-times for the New Jersey Devils in the NHL. The biggest german talent ever..?!Has his big breakthrough this season.

Stats: Schwenningen / DEL 36-8-19-27-8
(Marks: Team / League GP-Goals-Assists-Points-PIM)

Nr. 2 Thomas Greilinger
The second talent from Schwenningen. Thomas, a 19-year-old Left Wing, shots last year over 50 goals in the third german league and scored 9 points in 8 games during the B-Worldchampionship 2000 with the pros, where he was germans top-scorer. A Power-Play-Specialist and a very quick skater.
Stats: Schwenningen / DEL 32-5-9-14-12

Nr. 3 Christian Ehrhoff
Last years best defender in the 3rd german league plays a surprising season, scores and scores and scores… . With his “Coast-to-Coast”-Stile he excited the viewers. Also the jury named him the best defender during the B-Junior-U20-Worldchampionship.

Stats: Krefeld / DEL 36-2-10-12-59

Nr. 4 Christoph Schubert
Playing for the DEL-Champion Munich, he body-checks every player he wants. A hard defender with many offensive skills scored 14goals in 11games in his last junior season. A talent like Sascha Goc, who takes his chance in a DEL-team, but he plays harder and have no fear.
Stats: München / DEL 34-4-3-7-46

Nr. 5 Dimitri Pätzold
After very good games in the international competitions he is with just 17-years the third goalie from the Kölner Haie(Cologne sharks). In his farmteam, TSV Erding (2nd league), he is the Number 1-goalie and excited the the fans with his perfect reflexes and his coolness. A potential nr.1-goalie for the german national team in some years.
Stats: Erding / 2nd league 11games-3,36 GAA

Nr. 6 Adrian Grygiel
A very fast left wing, who scores many points in less ice-time. Played last year in the junior-team, scores 44 goals in 31 games, the top cgalgetter in the junior-league. The 17 year-old sniper scores in his first DEL-seconds 1 goal and 1 assist. A big talent like Marcel Goc, breakthrough in the next season ?!
Stats: Krefeld / DEL 20-2-5-7-8
Duisburg / 3rd league 16-4-4-8-8 (farm-team)

Nr. 7 Denis Seidenberg
The older brother of Yannic Seidenberg (born 1984; currently the biggest talent in the german junior league) plays a offensive defender by Championship-favorite Mannheim. Gets unexpected many ice-time as a wing in the Mannheimer Star-ensemble. The upcoming top-blueliner must be drafted!
Stats: Mannheim / DEL 34-2-2-4-0
Jung-Adler Mannheim /4th l. 8-3-7-10-18 (farm-team)

Nr. 8 Patrick Köppchen
Plays in the 1997-1998 season for the MJHL-team Neepawa Natives and after his junior-career two season in germany’s second league. In this season he his one of the top-scoring defenders in the 2nd league. With his 20 years he is a excellent blue-liner and many (all?) DEL-Teams wants him for the next season.
Stats: Erding / 2nd league 26-6-11-17-52

Nr. 9 Martin Hinterstocker
One more guy from the Hinterstocker-family, his father played in the nationalteam and is now a trainer. His older brother, Benjamin, plays for the Eisbären Berlin in the DEL. Martin, just 17 years-old, came from the Riessersee-junior-team als last years top-scorer to the Riessersee-Pro’s during the pre-season in the 2nd league and takes his chance better than anybody thinks.
Stats: Riessersee / 2nd league 23-6-4-10-4

Nr. 10 Christoph Ullmann
17 years-old, plays for the farmteam of the Kölner Haie / Cologne sharks in the 4th german league and their junior team. A top sniper who scores many times. After the half of the season he have 60 points in 30 games. In fact of this, Cologne’s Manager, Lance Nethery, signed him for the DEL-Team and in the next weeks Christoph gets his chance in the pro-team with stars like Sergio Momesso, Corey Millen and Dave McLlwain.
Stats: Cologne Young-Sharks / 4th league (farmteam from the Cologne Sharks) Scores 34 goals in 32 games.