Top german prospects – the first update

By Oliver Janz

German prospects – the update
A rating for the games since 14th till 22th January

G Christian Rohde plays in two of three games for the Augsburger Panther in the DEL. In the 9-2 win against Eisbären Berlin he replaces Nr.1-goalie Jason Muzzatti for the last 37 seconds. Three days later he plays as the starting-goalie against the Kassel Huskies. In a solid performance in the regualar time he saves 42 shots (4 GA). After the regualar time (4 – 4 goals) he helped his team with his fast gloves to a 5-4 win after the shootout. Stats: Augsburg/DEL: 2 GP, 61 MIN, 1-0-0, 4 GA
Season Stats: Augsburg II/4th: 24 GP, 1434 MIN, 8-16-0, 83 GA, 1 SO, GAA 3,89
Augsburg/DEL: 3 GP, 77 MIN, 1-0-0, 5 GA, SavePct 90,20%, GAA 3,85

The Adler Mannheim defeat Oberhausen 9-2 to go on top of the table and especially in this game, their 19 year-old defender Denis Seidenberg plays a very good defensive and offensive part. The undisputed „player of the game“. Stats: Mannheim/DEL: 3 GP, +1
Season Stats: Mannheim/DEL: 38 GP, 2 G, 2 A, 4 PTS, +3, 0 PIM
Mannheim II/4th league: 8 GP, 3 G, 7 A, 10 PTS, 20 PIM

A sensational game had Adrian Grygiel, the 17 year-old right wing. He scores two times in his farmteam-appereance for Duisburg against the top-team of the 3th league, Wolfsburg. The first goal, in the reverse, „was very cool“ (says his coach Rico Rossi). But the second goal was such better, a fastbreak with a tricky shot. In fact of this he was named „player of the game“. Krefeld recalled him.
Stats: Krefeld/DEL: 1 GP, -1 ;Duisburg/3th: 1 GP, 2 G
Season Stats: Duisburg/3th: 19 GP, 7 G, 5 A, 12 PTS, 8 PIM
Krefeld/DEL: 21 GP, 2 G, 5 A, 7 PTS

The top-prospect Marcel Goc is still in the 1st line in Schwenningen. The quick center was named „player of the game“ in the 3-2 win against Frankfurt. Three good games from Goc, who recorded his 30th scorerpoint in this game this season! Stats: Schwenningen/DEL: 3 GP, 1 G, 2 A, -2
Season Stats: Schwenningen/DEL: 41 GP, 9 G, 21 A, 30 PTS, -2, 8 PIM

G Dimitri Pätzold presents his big talent in both weekend games for Erding. And, bad news for the Kölner Haie-Fans, their goalie-legend, Peppi Heiss will wuit ice-hockey at the end of the season. But good news for Pätzold, who has good chances to be the back-up-goalie for Andrew Verner next season! Stats: Erding/2th: 2 GP, 120 MIN, 1-1-0, 10 GA
Season Stats: Erding/2th: 16 GP, 903 MIN, 5-11-0, 57 GA, GAA 3,79
Köln II/4th: 6 GP, 359 MIN, 17 GA, GAA 2,84, SavePct 87,60%

Berlin Capitals‘ right Wing Jonas Lanier scored his first goal in the highest german league, the DEL. 56 minutes and 10 seconds left in the game against the Kassel Huskies as he get a pass from his linemate Petri Kujala -> one-timer -> goal! He played his first game for the new farmteam, the Young Capitals, in the fourth league and scores 2 goals a day before. Stats: Berlin Capitals/DEL: 2 GP, 1 G, +1
Young Capitals Berlin/4th: 1 GP, 2 G, 2 A
Season Stats: Berlin Capitals/DEL: 29 GP, 1 G, 0 A, 1 PTS, -1, 0 PIM
Young Capitals Berlin/4th: 1 GP, 2 G, 2 A, 4 PTS
Eisbären Berlin Juniors/3th: 6 GP, 1 G, 3 A, 4 PTS, 12 PIM

The 20 year-old LW Manuel Kofler scored the first goal in Iserlohn’s game against Nürnberg and goal number 10 in this season.
Stats: Iserlohn/DEL: 3 GP, 1 G
Season Stats: Iserlohn/DEL: 40 GP, 10 G, 3 A, 13 PTS, +2, 28 PIM

Goalgetter W Christoph Ullmann doesn’t score in his only game at the weekend. Good news: After Bob Leslie, the DEL-Team-coach, was fired he has chance to get his first ice-time in the highest league. Stats: Köln II/4th: 1 GP, 1 G
Season Stats: Köln II/4th: 28 GP, 34 G, 33 A, 67 PTS, +54 (!), 56 PIM

D Sebastian Jones (Kassel/DEL): 2 GP ;Season Stats: Kassel/DEL: 14 GP

D Alexander Sulzer (Kaufbeuren/3th): 2 GP, 1 A ;Season Stats: Kaufbeuren/3th: 28 GP, 2 G, 3 A, 5 PTS, 10 PIM

D Christian Ehrhoff is currently in a little crisis after playing many weeks on a high level. Three unobtrusive games this week. Stats: Krefeld/DEL: 3 GP, +1
Krefeld/DEL: 41 GP, 2 G, 10 A, 12 PTS, +4, 61 PIM

D Christoph Schubert plays a good defense-part in the 3th line by champion München Barons. Stats: 3 GP, 4 PIM
Season Stats: München/DEL: 37 GP, 4 G, 3 A, 7 PTS, +3, 50 PIM

Bad days for LW Daniel Kreutzer. His team, the Kassel Huskies, lose three in a row in 6 days. The topscorer hadn’t a good action.Stats: Kassel Huskies/DEL: 3 GP, 1 A, -1, 2 PIM
Season Stats: Kassel/DEL: 43 GP, 9 G, 23 A, 32 PTS, +9, 50 PIM

LW Markus Guggemos (Kassel/DEL): 3 GP
Season Stats: Kassel/DEL: 33 GP, 0 G, 2 A, 2 PTS, -7, 4 PIM

Goc‘ teammate C Thomas Greilinger doesn’t score, three solid games from him. Needs more good luck in his shots. Stats: Schwenningen/DEL: 3 GP, 4 PIM
Season Stats: Schwenningen/DEL: 37 GP, 6 G, 9 A, 15 PTS, -8, 16 PIM

LW Martin Hinterstocker (Riessersee/2th): 2 GP ;Season Stats: 25 GP, 6 G, 4 A, 10 PTS, 4 PIM

G Martin Morczinietz and W Yannic Seidenberg played with the german U-17 Nationalteam „at the U17 World Hockey Challenge“.

D Patrick Köppchen (Erding/2th): 2 GP, 1 A ;Season Stats: 32 GP, 7 G, 11 A, 18 PTS, 52 PIM