14 Questions with Chris Corrinet

By Rick Davis

Chris Corrinet is a Capitals prospect forward currently playing with Princeton University.

1. Do you think you’ll sign with the Caps?

This is my goal.

2. Do you have any thoughts on how you’ll adjust to the different rules in pro hockey (Two-line pass, fighting, etc)?

I don’t feel there will be any difficulties making the adjustments.

3. Any regrets on choosing hockey over football?

Actually, I had a better future in baseball as a left-handed pitcher than football, but hockey was always my first love so it was not a tough choice in terms of what sport I wanted to pursue.

4. What are you going to do this summer to prepare for camp and next season?

I am going to train (not sure where yet) to get in the best possible shape in order to compete for a job next fall. I will also probably be in DC for the prospect orientation camp this summer-I have been there for the past three summers.

5. Do you know Jeff Halpern very well? Were you surprised that he made the Caps after his first training camp?

I know Jeff very well and I was not surprised he made the team. He has an intense desire to compete all the time and a good skill level. He has been an inspiration for me to work even harder to make it to the NHL.

6. Who were some of your favorite players when you were a kid? Who was your favorite team?

Cam Neely and Bill Guerin were my favorite players growing up. Guerin played for the same youth program that I played for later on, and being from Massachusetts, Neely was an obvious favorite being a Bruin star. However, my favorite team was the now-departed Hartford Whalers-my family had season tickets and they were closer to my home (I am from Western Massachusetts). I remember watching Chris Pronger, Ron Francis, Bobby Holik and Kevin Dineen when they were there.

7. Did you try to model your style of play after anyone?

Massachusetts natives Keith Tkachuk and Bill Guerin. They are vintage power forwards.

8. Do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions?


9. Have you thought about whether or not you will wear a face shield when you start playing pro hockey?

I have not decided yet.

10. What are you majoring in at Princeton?

I am a politics major.

11. After seeing the success of former teammate Jeff Halpern, do you feel you can jump immediately into the NHL?

I am excited to see how I match up with the veterans and other prospects at training camp next fall.

12. You are not as well known as some of the Caps’ other top prospects (Beech, Sivek). Do you think this is unfair, or would you rather avoid the spotlight?

I do not think it is unfair that I have not received as much attention as some other prospects due to factors such as: not being a first round pick, playing for a program that does not get as much hype as others in college hockey etc…but no, I do not mind being in the spotlight.

13. Your size and scoring ability would seem to point towards you being a power forward. Is this an accurate statement, or do you see yourself filling another role in the NHL?

This is an accurate statement — I would describe myself as a power forward.

14. Have you had any conversations with George McPhee or anyone else from the Capitals organization, and what are your impressions from them?

I have talked to various scouts who have attended my games about my play and what I need to do to improve. I have also been to the last three prospect camps and I have been able to meet and talk to the staff down there. I will do whatever the Caps staff feels I need to do in order to be successful at the next level.