New Rankings for Caps Prospects, 10-20

By Rick Davis
John Blankenship and Jeff Charlesworth contributed to this article.

11. Chris Corrinet, C, Princeton (NCAA), Capitals’ fourth choice, 107 overall in 1998
ECAC – 23 games, 11 goals, 10 assists, 28 PIM

John’s comments: Another big player who has good athletic ability. Skates well and has a very good shot. Needs to be a little more physical. He’s a hard worker and may follow in Jeff Halpern’s footsteps and make the Caps. Most likely will play in Portland if he signs.

Rick’s comments: I had Chris rated #11 and John had him rated #12. He has shown consistent improvement in each of his four years at Princeton. He was even leading the ECAC in goals for a while earlier this year. Size, athleticism, and intelligence will all make it easier for him to make the Caps, but unless he absolutely blows up at camp, expect to see him in Portland.

Jeff’s comments: Chris is going to be a player you’ll be hearing a lot about very soon. Although he has been a point-per-game scorer in college, his totals won’t be that high in the NHL. His size and work ethic will make him a solid player in the pros though. There will be expectations of Chris jumping right into Washington, but will start off next season in Portland.

12. Remi Royer, D, Portland (AHL), acquired by Capitals from Chicago, 2000
AHL – 34 games, 1 goal, 6 assists, 126 PIM, -8

John’s comments: Caps fans may remember him for knocking out and ending the career of Trevor Halverson. He’s a tough defenseman who has some offensive abilities. Has a very nice shot. He’s a left-handed fighter who can punch hard with both hands. He’s been very impressive in his fights in the AHL this season. He has really improved his body checking. He should be in the NHL by next season if continues to improve his strength and conditioning. Top 6 NHL defenseman/enforcer.

Rick’s comments: He has been injury prone this year; specifically a groin pull sidelined him at the beginning of the season. There is no doubting his toughness, as he has already picked up over 100 PIM this year. He would have to improve defensively to stick in the NHL – less turnovers, etc. He could make the team next year, but the competition will be awfully fierce.

Jeff’s comments: Remi has done less than expected after coming over from Chicago in the off-season. He has battled injuries, but has given us a glimpse of what he is capable of in half a season. He has more offensive ability than he has shown so far, but his defensive commitment is a bit better than in his days with the Hawks. His toughness may eventually be his ticket into the NHL, but it wouldn’t be until next season at the earliest.

13. Mike Farrell, RW/D, Portland (AHL), Capitals’ ninth choice, 250 overall in 1998
AHL – 53 games, 4 goals, 15 assists, 28 PIM, -5

John’s comments: Mike nearly made the Caps as a defenseman out of camp this season. He’s gone back and forth from defense to right wing. He has shown potential at both positions. He’s a great skater with a very hard shot. To play defense he needs to improve his lateral movement. To play forward he needs to improve his puckhandling and decision making. A ton of natural talent should get Mike a role in the NHL someday.

Rick’s comments: He should have made the team this year and that the only reason he didn’t was that he was a victim of numbers. He has also played well when I have seen him in Portland games. He is not afraid to throw his body around, and I think that is something Washington can always use more of. He has versatility – if the team brought him up as a forward but had a defenseman get injured, he could fill that role.

Jeff’s comments: Michael became everybody’s pre-season darling, as he lasted at training camp right up to the end. He was eventually demoted, but it was for the best as he was probably not ready for the NHL. Since then, he has bounced between forward and defense in an effort to find where he best fits onto a roster. His role in the future may be as a 7th defenseman/13th forward – getting playing time as both during the season.

14. Roman Tvrdon, C, Spokane (WHL), Capitals’ sixth choice, 132nd overall in 1999
WHL – 44 games, 19 goals, 22 assists, 37 PIM, +11

John’s comments: Roman is an inconsistent two-way winger, who shows flashes of offensive brilliance. He’s a decent skater with good hands and a good shot. He’s a good penalty killer and works pretty hard. If he signs he will probably play in Portland.

Rick’s comments: If he does get to the NHL, it would be primarily because of his skill as a defensive forward. He had a very good camp, but he didn’t have a very good World Junior Championships (Only two goals in 7 games, in the same game). He has been playing decently well in the WHL, but is not putting up any monstrous numbers.

Jeff’s comments: Roman came out of nowhere last season and jumped up the Caps depth chart with solid two-way play. He is playing just as well this year, but has dropped out of the spotlight a bit. Once again, he performed well at the WJC – albeit in a losing effort. He could fill a few different roles in the NHL, but would probably be best suited to a third or fourth line winger spot.

15. Rastislav Stana, G, Richmond (ECHL), Capitals’ eighth choice, 193rd overall in 1998
ECHL – 30 games, 12 wins, 12 losses, 2.58 GAA, .909 save percentage

John’s comments: The Caps top goalie prospect. He could rise in the prospect rankings very fast if he shows some consistency. He needs to improve his strength and conditioning. Has good size and excellent quickness. Looks like Hasek at times. He’s been brilliant for Richmond of the ECHL in some games and awful in others. Could play in Portland next season.

Rick’s comments: He is playing as Richmond’s #1 goalie, as Richmond has dealt his main competition (Maxime Gingras) away for future considerations. Rastislav played great at the beginning of the year, then was burned for some easy goals, but has been playing well lately. A great performance in camp next year could earn him Portland’s No. 1 job.

Jeff’s comments: Rastislav is an amazingly talented goaltender, but seems at times like he is still learning the game. His numbers are very good for a first-year pro, and he has earned a promotion to the AHL for next season. He is still a couple of years away from being considered for the back-up job in DC, but seems to be the front runner for that spot when it becomes available.

16. Derek Bekar, LW, Portland (AHL), acquired by Capitals from St. Louis, 2000
AHL – 50 games, 16 goals, 13 assists, 28 PIM, +3

John’s comments: Has good size and is an incredible skater. Derek has played very well at both ends of the ice. He and Terry Yake have formed a very effective penalty-killing combo in Portland. He just needs to become more consistent and he’ll be an effective two-way NHL winger.

Rick’s comments: He has incredible speed, he is about a step faster than most players. He has talent, but the Caps want him to start playing more aggressively too. Scores in bunches. The Caps could really use his speed if he could start scoring more consistently.

Jeff’s comments: Derek was an unknown commodity when the Caps acquired him earlier this season. He has the size and speed, and had put up good numbers in the past. However, something seems to be missing from the equation, as he is not the sum of his parts. Although he received a very brief call-up to DC recently, and may get a couple more – he doesn’t seem to be NHL material.

17. Stephen Peat, RW, Portland (AHL), acquired by Capitals from Anaheim, 2000
AHL – 5 games, 0 points, 16 PIM, -2

John’s comments: Has missed almost all season with a groin injury. The Hammer is a big tough player who adjusted surprisingly well to playing forward. He’s a good skater and has no fear of going to the net. He was the best fighter in a very tough WHL last season. One of the most dominant fighters in WHL history. Easily won his two AHL fights this season. Will probably be in the NHL quickly once he’s healthy and in fact may have made the Caps out of camp if he’d been healthy. Elite NHL enforcer.

Rick’s comments: Kris Beech said when talking about him, “He is the toughest guy I have ever seen”. His injury is the only reason he was so low on my list. It’s a reoccurring problem, but if he can get it fixed he should be a lot of fun to have on the Caps roster, especially when they play Barnaby and the Penguins.

Jeff’s comments: After coming into the Caps organization with incredible hype, Stephen has had about as frustrating a season as he possibly could. These latest setbacks are just delaying the timetable however, and he will get his NHL spot in the near future. The Caps would love him to develop his talents a bit more first, but will soon bring him up to be the full-time enforcer.

18. Nathan Forster, D, Portland (AHL), Capitals’ seventh choice, 179th overall in 1998
ECHL – 21 games, 1 goal, 6 assists, 43 PIM, +5
AHL – 15 games, 0 goals, 2 assists, 14 PIM, +4

John’s comments: Nate has steadily improved during this season. He has pretty good size and has gotten stronger. Plays a very simple defensive game. He has a good shot and did show some offense in Seattle of the WHL. Will probably be in Portland for awhile. Could make the NHL eventually.

Rick’s comments: He pushed J.F. Fortin out of a job and now he’s getting top 4 playing time in Portland. Right handed shot could make it easier for him to make the NHL. If he continues to raise his game at the same pace, he could challenge for an NHL job maybe as soon as next year.

Jeff’s comments: Nathan is just now showing what type of player he can be. He is not an offensive type defenseman, but a fifth or sixth blueliner capable of playing rough when necessary. The Caps weren’t sure what they had at first and assigned him to Richmond. He was called up to Portland mid-season and did not miss a step. He still has a way to go before being NHL caliber however, and probably won’t get a shot for a couple of years.

19. Mark Murphy, C, Portland (AHL), signed as free agent, 2000
AHL – 54 games, 21 goals, 32 assists, 69 PIM, -1

John’s comments: An undersized center. Mark skates well and has a very hard shot. He has good offensive instincts. He stands up for his teammates and is a hard worker. He has a good chance to play in the NHL.

Rick’s comments: He is really playing well with Glen Metropolit in Portland. He got a chance to go to the AHL all star game, and played well. If he were a little bigger, he would have a better chance to be in the NHL, but he did impress a lot of people at camp last year.

Jeff’s comments: Mark has come a long way during his hockey career, but has not been able to overcome the stigma of being too small for the NHL. His offensive play has been awesome this season, and should get a shot at the big leagues at some point. However, the Caps love big players – and Mark may need to move during the off-season to further his career.

20. Krys Barch, RW, Portland (AHL), Capitals’ third choice, 106 overall in 1998
AHL – 50 games, 8 goals, 8 assists, 44 PIM, -15

John’s comments: Krys is a checking winger with a bit of a scoring touch. He skates well and has a good shot. He loves to hit and works hard. He’s a leader and will stick up for his teammates. Will likely play in Portland for awhile until a spot opens up in the NHL. Will probably play as a third or fourth liner.

Rick’s comments: He has been playing on the third or fourth lines in Portland, and his physicality and work ethic are serving him well there. A strong playoff performance would help his stock dramatically.

Jeff’s comments: Krys seems to be having a difficult time adjusting to the pro game, but is still a talented player. The Caps will give him time to develop, but he is a long way from being an NHL player. He has the look of a lifetime minor-leaguer at this point, but if he is able to put it together – he could get a shot in a couple of years.