Oilers Prospect Update Part 1

By pbadmin
Without a strong farm team in the AHL this franchise is in a distinct disadvantage since it does not have the resources to make up for mistakes on draft day or in the developmental stage.

Shawn Horcoff

Hamilton GP:24 G:10 A:18 PTS:28 +/- -7 PIM:19

Edmonton GP:24 G:5 A:4 PTS:9 +/- +1 PIM:2

– Outstanding first quarter as a rookie in the AHL showing strong two-way play. Has adjusted well to the NHL and will progress to the next level with the experience from this year and training camp next season.

Mike Comrie

Kootenay GP:37 G:39 A:40 PTS:79 +/-(+23)PIM:79

Edmonton GP:16 G:2 A:2 PTS:4 +/-(+2) PIM:2

– Would have benefited greatly if he had started the season in Hamilton along side Horcoff instead of going to Cranbrook a quicker adjustment could have been made. Shows flashes of exceptional vision and playmaking ability, will have greater patience to let plays develop with experience. Needs to shoot more as he would create more scoring opportunities with his quick accurate shot.

Michel Riesen

Hamilton GP:41 G:10 A:18 PTS:28 +/-(-15) PIM:6

Edmonton GP:12 G:0 A:1 PTS:1 +/-(+2) PIM:4

– Had a brief stint in Edmonton, but did not adjust to the speed and defensive awareness required. He could not find the scoring touch he had in Hamilton last year but he also was not with experienced linemates which was also a factor. Has slowly found his game in Hamilton and needs to work on the little things to make his jump next year easier. The utmost in patience is required for this prospect, Mark Lamb should show Michel tapes of Jari Kurri on how to play strong intelligent defense without being physical and finding seams in the defense where he can set his deadly accurate shot.

Jani Rita

Jokerit GP:36 G:5 A:7 PTS:12 +/-(+1) PIM:18

– Exploded at the WJC with 8 goals and displayed exceptional speed through the neutral zone. Finally is receiving ice time needed and has moved up to the second after Christmas. Has the size, tenacity and quickness to be a solid two-way second line winger in the next couple seasons as long as he comes over to North America next season.

Alexie Semenov

OHL Sudbury GP:46 G:16 A:28 PTS:44 +/-+14 PIM:86

Tony Salmelainen

(FIN) ILVES GP:33 G:3 A:8 PTS:11 +/-(-2) PIM:2

Peter Sarno

Hamilton GP:51 G:10 A:32 PTS:42 +/-(-14) PIM:48

Jason Chimera

Hamilton GP:50 G:20 A:18 PTS:38 +/-(-10) PIM:54

Edmonton Gp:1 G:0 A:0 PTS:0 +/-(0) PIM: 0

Brian Swanson

Hamilton GP:24 G:8 A:15 PTS:23 +/-(-7) PIM:8

Edmonton GP:16 G:1 A:1 PTS:2 +/-(-1) PIM:6

Micheal Henrich

Hamilton GP:51 G:4 A:7 PTS:11 +/-(-2) PIM:26

Shawn Norrie

WHL-CAL GP:53 G:21 A:19 PTS:40 +/-(+10) PIM:73

Chris Hajt

Hamilton GP:49 G:0 A:5 PTS:5 +/-(-4) PIM:36

Alex Henry

Hamilton GP:31 G:2 A:1 PTS:3 +/-(-4) PIM:63