Current NHL players with a German history

By Oliver Janz

Players with a german history

Many former NHL-players and canada-born players who played for a german club or were born in germany playing currently in the NHL or in minor leagues in america/canada.
Listed are all players in alphabetical order with a appearance in the current NHL-season.

F Len Barrie (Florida Panthers)
Top-Scorer in the 1998-1999 in Frankfurt’s DEL-team. Will return in the next years to germany…
Teams in germany: 1997-1999 Frankfurt Lions/DEL

F Sergej Berezin (Toronto Maple Leafs)
The 29 year-old russian wing was the two-time top-goalgetter and DEL-champion with the Kölner Haie. Scored 87 goals in 88 games in the regualar season and 30 goals in 32 games in the play-off’s.
Teams in germany: 1994-1996 Kölner Haie/DEL

F Pavel Bure (Florida Panthers)
NHL-Lockout: Played in one game (three goals) for Landshut.
Teams in germany: 1994-95 EV Landshut/DEL

D Sven Butenschön (Pittsburgh Penguins)
Doesn’t play for a german team, but he was born in the Itzehoe, germany and want to play for the german national-team at the olympic games 2002 in salt lake city.

D Enrico Ciccone (Montreal Canadiens)
Bad boy Ciccone retired this season after three games for Canadiens. He spend the last season in germany with the Moskitos Essen in the DEL, playing in 14 games, assisted on 4 goals and recorded 101 penalty minutes.
Teams in germany: 1999-2000 Moskitos Essen/DEL

D David Cooper (Toronto Maple Leafs)
Played last season for Kassel in the highest german league a good defensive-part.
Teams in germany: 1999-2000Kassel Huskies/DEL

F Vincent Damphousse (San Jose Sharks)
Played in 11 games for Ratingen in the NHL-Lockout 1994.
Teams in germany: 1994-1995 Ratinger Löwen/DEL

D Mike Gaul (Columbus Blue Jackets)
After two years in the minor-leagues Gaul joins 1996 Timmendorf, a team in the second league. Was one of the best defenders in the league.
Teams in germany: 1996-1997 ETC Timmendorf/second league

D Sascha Goc (New Jersey Devils)
Born in Calw, germany, Goc plays in 11 games for the New Jersey Devils, recorded just 4 penalty minutes. Before he signed for the Devils, he played for the german club Schwenninger Wild Wings till 1998. His current is the Devils’ farmteam, the Albany River Rats in the AHL.
Teams in germany: till 1998 Schwenninger Wild Wings (junior-, farm- and DEL-team)

D Greg Hawgood (Vancouver Canucks)
Go back to canada after 4 games for Köln and big trouble with their fans.
Teams in germany: 1997-1998 Kölner Haie/DEL

F Jochen Hecht (St. Louis Blues)
After championships with the Adler Mannheim the german wing was drafted by the Blues and is now with 35 points in 58 games one of their best scorers.
Teams in germany: till 1998 Adler Mannheim (junior- and DEL-team)

F Jaromir Jagr (Pittsburgh Penguins)
Yes, it’s true, Jagr plays in germany! In the 1994-95-lockout he plays in one game for the Schalker Haie in the third german league, scored the first goal in the game after 30 seconds. “One goal is enough!” …says Jagr and assisted on 10 goals! Has czech friends in Germany and is sometimes in the summer in Germany.
Teams in germany: 1994-1995 Schalker Haie/third league

G Olaf Kölzig (Washington Capitals)
The Vezina trophy winner last season never played hockey in german team. A German national-player since 1996.

G Michel Larocque (Chicago Blackhawks)
Doesn’t play for a german team and he isn’t a german goalie, but he was born in Lahr, Germany.

F Jim Montgomery (San Jose Sharks)
Was the number one center in Köln in 1996, but not good enough. Return to Canada after one DEL-season.
Teams in germany: 1996-1997 Kölner Haie/DEL

F Marty Murray (Calgary Flames)
After one season in Austria he signed for the Kölner Haie and was their top-scorer last year. Manager Nethery will sign him again for the next season.
Teams in germany: 1999-2000 Kölner Haie/DEL

F Jeremy Roenick (Phoenix Coyotes)
Played in 3 games for Köln in the NHL-Lockout 1994.
Teams in germany: 1994-1995 Kölner Haie/DEL

G Dominic Roussel (Edmonton Oilers)
Rosenheim loan him for two games 1998, because of injures from their two goalies.
Teams in germany: 1997-1998 Star Bulls Rosenheim/DEL

D Darren Rumble (St. Louis Blues)
Played in 21 games 1997 for Hecht’s team, the Adler Mannheim. Didn’t shine and go back to the american minor-leagues (IHL-team San Antonio Dragons).
Teams in germany: 1997-1998 Adler Mannheim/DEL

F Brendan Shanahan (Detroit Red Wings)
Played in 3 games for Düsseldorf in the NHL-Lockout 1994.
Teams in germany: 1994-1995 Düsseldorfer EG/DEL

D Andrej Skopintsev (Atlanta Thrashers)
Before he signs for TPS Turku, Finland, he was the top-scoring defenseman in Augsburg, recorded 30 points in 46 regualar season games.
Teams in Germany: 1995-1996 Augsburger Panther/DEL

F Jozef Stümpel (Los Angeles Kings)
Played before his NHL-career in Köln and had a comeback in the NHL-Lockout-season 1994-1995.
Teams in germany: 1991-1992 and 1994-1995 Kölner Haie/DEL

F Marco Sturm (San Jose Sharks)
Born in Dingolfing, germany, he plays was a very good scorer with just 17 years for Landshut in the DEL. A penalty-killing specialist, who scores many shorthanded goals.
Teams in germany: till 1997 EV Landshut (junior- and DEL-team)

G Roman Turek (St. Louis Blues)
The best goalie fans in Nürnberg, Germany have ever seen! League’s best goaltender in the 1995-1996 season and a hero in Nürnberg.
Teams in germany: 1995-1996 Nürnberg Ice Tigers/DEL

F Herberts Vasiljevs (Atlanta Thrashers)
The 24-year-old latvian wing played in the 1994-1995 season for Krefeld in the DEL. His father, Haralds Vasiljevs, was the coach of Krefeld’s junior-team (now: coach of Krefeld’s DEL-team).
Teams in germany: 1994-1995 Krefeld Pinguine/DEL

F Doug Weight (Edmonton Oilers)
Played in some games for Rosenheim in the NHL-Lockout 1994.
Teams in germany: 1994-1995 Star Bulls Rosenheim/DEL

F Ray Whitney (Florida Panthers)
Played 10 games for the Kölner Haie 1991 in the age of 19 after three season for Spokane in the WHL.
Teams in germany: 1991-92 Kölner Haie/first league

F Scott Young (St.Louis Blues)
Played in some games for Landshut and Frankfurt in the NHL-Lockout 1994.
Teams in germany: 1994-1995 Frankfurt Lions/DEL and EV Landshut/DEL

German players, who played in the 2000-2001 season in a Minor or Junior League:
F Stefan Ustorf (Cincinnati Cyclones/IHL)
F Robert Francz (Mississippi Sea Wolves/ECHL)
F Erich Dumpis (Kalamazoo Wings/UHL)
D Anton Bader (Calgary Hitmen/WHL)
F Nils Antons (Uni of British Columbia/CWUAA)
G Oliver Jonas (Uni of Harvard/ECAC)
G Björn Leonhardt (Oklahoma City Blazers/CHL – now Nürnberg Ice Tigers/DEL)
D Hardy Gensel (Memphis Riverkings/CHL – now Eisbären Berlin/DEL)
F Patrick Heinz (El Paso Buzzards/WPHL and Corpus Christi IceRays/WPHL – now Iserlohner EC/DEL)