Buturlin Leads Canadiens’ OHL’ers

By Chris Boucher
This is the second in a series of season ending reviews. This review covers Canadiens’ prospects from the CHL whose seasons are now complete. The players include Tyler Hanchuck, Alexander Buturlin, Dusty Jamieson, and Peter Chvojka.

Tyler Hanchuck -D (Drafted-00(3/79))

The Barrie Colts’ Tyler Hanchuck’s third OHL season included 2 new experiences. He experienced his first goal, and his first trade. His goal came during his 136th career game. He also added an assist as Brampton lost to Erie by a score of 6-2. Hanchuck was traded to Barrie on January 10th. The trade included 3 other players and 2 draft picks; Traded to Barrie were goalie David Chant, and center Matt Grenier (along with Hanchuck) in return for goalie Brian Finley, and 2 draft picks.

The 6’3″, 210 lbs. Hanchuck played 63 games. He had 13 points (2-11-13), and was -6 with 126 minutes in penalties. He had one point-scoring streak of 2 games, along with a career-high 3 game point scoring streak between January 27th and January 31st.

Hanchuck remains a defensive defenseman with an imposing physical game. He needs to improve his puck handling, and vision. Better vision will improve his consistency; Specifically when making a first pass coming out of the defensive zone.

Alexander Buturlin -RW (Drafted-99(2/39))

The Sarnia Sting’s Alexander Buturlin began the season quietly, but broke out with 5 points in his 9th game. His was incredibly consistent, going no more than 2 games without a point at any time during the season. He averaged 1.14 PPG, but his greatest accomplishment was his plus/minus. He finished +14, on a team where the next highest total was +4. Seventeen of Sarnia’s players finished the season in the minus, while only 4 (including Buturlin) finished with a plus/minus above zero.

The 6’0″, 187 lbs. Buturlin played 58 games. He had 65 points (28-37-65), and was a team-leading +14, with 27 minutes in penalties. Seven of his goals were scored on the powerplay, while 1 was scored short-handed. He had point scoring streaks of 4 games on three different occasions, along with one streak of 5 games between November 12th, and November 22nd.

Alexander had a relatively strong World Junior Tournament. He scored 4 goals and added 1 assist in 7 games, including 2 goals in the game against Canada. He finished with a +1 rating, but did not handle the puck with as much confidence as he has shown in North America. His 5 points were good enough for 19th place in the overall scoring race, while 2 of his goals were scored on the powerplay.

Buturlin’s game is more than the sum of his stats. He’s a smart player with deceptive speed, and great hockey-sense. His vision is above average. He likes to fall off the opposing teams’ radar just long enough to score. This season was the biggest of Buturlin’s career; Specifically in terms of a contract with the Habs’. In this regard his performance throughout the season was well worth a passing mark.

Dusty Jamieson -F (Drafted-99(5/136))

The Sarnia Sting’s Dusty Jamieson’s season can actually be broken down into two completely different half-seasons. He struggled during the first half; Registering only 14 points (4-10-14) in 34 games. Yet he exploded offensively in the second half; Registering 35 points (10-25-35) in 32 games. He continued his output into the playoffs. Although Sarnia was swept by Plymouth, Jamieson still managed 8 points (4-4-8) through only 4 playoff games.

The 6’2″, 185 lbs. Jamieson played 66 games. He had 49 points (14-35-49), and was -6, with 22 minutes in penalties. Six of his goals were scored on the powerplay, while 1 was scored short-handed. He had one point-scoring streak of 5 games, along with one streak of 7 straight games with at least one point.

Jamieson really increased his stock with his second-half, and playoff performances. He’s a smart player with strong hockey sense. He not only plays all 3 forward positions effectively, but he can also play the point on the powerplay.

Petr Chvojka -D (Drafted-00(6/182))

The Medicine Hat Tigers’ Petr Chvojka began the season with a knee injury which seemed to hamper his development throughout the season. His offensive outbursts came in streaks, which were in turn interrupted by injuries.

The 6’1″ 188 lbs. Chvojka played 59 games. He had 21 points (3-18-21), and was -3, with 102 minutes in penalties. He had two point scoring streaks of 2 games, along with one streak of 4 straight games with at least one point.

Chvojka is a solid skating defenseman with adequate vision, and solid defensive zone instincts. He doesn’t shy away physically, but needs to improve on all aspects of his game. He will be given more than enough time to make the necessary adjustments, as he is currently the Canadiens’ second youngest prospect.

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