Canucks Prospect Awards

By Kirk Pedersen
Well, the off-season is upon us, and there’s no better time to check up on prospects that the Canucks have, and how they faired, this season.

Canucks Prospect Awards for 2000-01

Most Improved Prospect
The Nominees are:
1. Pat Kavanagh, by doubling his point output.
2. Ryan Ready, for improving his overall play.
3. Bryan Allen, for overcoming all those injuries he had.

And the Award goes to..
Bryan Allen!, Congratulations Bryan on overcoming all your injury woes and posting solid numbers across the board for the Kansas City Blades, and playing well in your call-up.

Least Improved Prospect
The Nominees are:
1. Mike Brown, for not improving on any of his ’99-00 totals.
2. Darrell Hay, for being sent down to the ECHL after a mere nine games.
3. Jonas Soling, for dropping off the prospect chart, and spending most of the year in the ECHL.

And the Award goes to..
Darrell Hay!, Poor play in Kansas City had him sent down to Florida of the ECHL, and he never quite recovered, only posting nine points in forty games in the ECHL, this is too bad, because he is an offensive defenseman.

Best Goaltending Prospect
The Nominees are:
1. Kevin Swanson, for posting a very good season in junior, and somehow remaining unsigned by Brian Burke.
2. Alfie Michaud, for improving upon his rookie numbers.

And the Award goes to..
Alfie Michaud!, For showing us that the little people can succeed in hockey. He posted solid numbers for the Blades in ’00-01, and is being rewarded with the award for outstanding play.

Best Defense Prospect
The Nominees are:
1. Bryan Allen, for finally showing us why he was the fourth pick overall in 1998, and playing incredibly well in his call-up.
2. Ryan Bonni, for continuing on his hard-nosed play, and despite decreased offensive output, remaining a very valuable cog in the KC defensive engine.
3. Rene Vydareny, for making the jump from Rimouski in the QMJHL to Kansas City with good results.

And the Award goes to..
Bryan Allen!, he played very well in Kansas City, very physical, added some offensive punch, and played twenty-five minutes a game. He was outstanding in a late-season call-up for the Canucks. A double-award winner.

Best Forward Prospect
The Nominees are:
1. Brandon Reid, for teaming up with Simon Gamache (Thrasher Property), to form the best 1-2 scoring punch in the QMJHL this past season.
2. Nathan Smith, for improving upon his draft year by scoring ninety points, and playing a rough, disciplined style of play.
3. Thatcher Bell, for adding a lot of scoring punch to his Junior lineup this past season, and improving upon last season.

And the Award goes to..
Brandon Reid!, he was one of the top scorers in the Q this past season, and cannot be overlooked, despite his size, as a serious NHL prospect.

Best Junior Prospect
The Nominees are:
1. Brandon Reid, once again, for setting the QMJHL on fire this past season.
2. Nathan Smith, for proving that a good two-way player is incredibly valuable nowadays.
3. Tim Branham, for improving a lot over his rookie season in Barrie.

And the Award goes to..
Brandon Reid!, the diminutive centre who, in spite of his size, still looks like the guy for the Canucks in the long run. It might be a stretch though, with his size limitations.

And the final Award of the Night, the “Perennial Prospect Award”, Also known as the “Libor Polasek Award.”

The Nominees are:
1. Josh Holden, for still making us wait on the gritty, two-way forward who should’ve arrived a long time ago.
2. Mike Brown, for regressing in his development as our future enforcer.
3. Zenith Komarniski, he didn’t make the NHL this season.

And the Award goes to..
Josh Holden!, despite a number of injuries since being picked from the Regina Pats in 1996, Holden has been a constant disappointment to the Canucks at the NHL level.