Prospect Report Cards, 1-5

By Kirk Pedersen

Bryan Allen probably made the biggest jump of any Canuck prospect this season, he had a very good season in Kansas City, and figures into the mix for next season with the big club.

Stats for 2000-01 for Allen
Kansas City (IHL) 75 GP 5G 20A 25PTS 99 PIM
Vancouver (NHL) 6GP 0G 0A 0P 0 PIM

Prospect Grades
Overall this season B+
Future Potential B+
He should be a better than average defender for the Canucks in the future.

Artem Chubarov was a high draft pick by the Canucks back in 1998. He will be a big part of the Canucks’ future, being a good two-way player for them. He has shown a lot of promise thus far, but hasn’t been able to stay healthy for long enough to keep his good thing going.

Stats for 2001 for Chubarov
Kansas City (IHL) 10GP 7G 4A 11PTS 12 PIM
Vancouver (NHL) 1GP 0G 0A 0PTS 0 PIM

Prospect Grades
Overall this season Incomplete
Future Potential A-
If he can stay healthy, I can see him hitting 60-70 points someday.

Possibly one of the biggest steals of the 1999 draft, Rene Vydareny had a great season for Rimouski of the QMJHL in 1999-00, but a contractual problem with his club team back in Slovakia caused him to miss more than half of this season, and as a result, he looked rusty and out of place with the Blades in his audition.

Stats for 2001 for Vydareny
Kansas City (IHL) 39GP 0G 1A 1PTS 25 PIM

Prospect Grades
Overall this season C
Future Potential B
He will be a solid NHL Defenseman if he can get his act together next season.

Another late-round steal for the Canucks has been smallish Quebecois centre Brandon Reid. He was traded to the Val d’Or Foreurs this season from Halifax, and with Atlanta prospect Simon Gamache, combined to take the league by storm, and help Val d’Or to a first-place finish in their division.

Stats for 2001 for Reid
Val d’Or (QMJHL) 57GP 45G 81A 126PTS 18 PIM

Prospect Grades
Overall this season A
Future Potential B
If he can overcome his height disadvantage, he could become a huge steal, and a productive NHL’er.

Jarkko Ruutu should be a player who other teams would loathe above all else, and possibly become a scorer on the side. Ruutu is a great agitator, in the Esa Tikkanen mold.

Stats for 2001 for Ruutu
Kansas City (IHL) 46GP 11G 18A 29PTS 111 PIM
Vancouver (NHL) 21GP 3G 3A 6PTS 21 PIM

Prospect Grades
Overall this season B+
Future Potential B
Ruutu will be at worst, a third line checker.