Swedish Prospects in the World Championships

By pbadmin


Mikael Tellqvist
, Djurgården – drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs

The highly-touted Toronto prospect was the back-up goalie for Tommy Salo.
Tellqvist did only get to play one game and it was Sweden’s final game against
the USA. He allowed two goals, stopped 30 and had an impressing .938 SVS%.
Mats Sundin was one of those who were really astonished with Tellqvist’s great
But Sundin didn’t seem very anxious to get Tellqvist over the pond considering
the fact that he would most likely see limited ice-time behind Curtis Joseph.
If Tellqvist would have been sent down to the AHL he’d perhaps play 60-70
games, but the question is if he wouldn’t have a better development in the
Swedish Elite League with Djurgården.

Stats: GP: 1, GAA: 2.00, SVS%: .938


Daniel Tjärnqvist
, Djurgården – belongs to the Atlanta Thrashers

Daniel was the best Swedish defenseman along with Kim Johnsson from the NY
Rangers. Tjärnqvist played a first-class two-way game. He was registered for 6
assists and several of those came on the power-play where Tjärnqvist was
terrific. Although he has a good shot he didn’t manage to score a goal
throughout the tournament, but on the other hand several of his shots were
deflected by Swedish forwards who then scored.
It will be a huge sensation if the Atlanta Thrashers won’t try to get Daniel
over to the NHL next season. He was the best defenseman for the duration of
the regular season in the SEL and he was the best defenseman in the SEL
playoffs as well.

Stats: GP: 9, G: 0, A: 6, TP: 6, PIM: 6


Kristian Huselius
, Frölunda – drafted by the Florida Panthers

Huselius had a marvellous season in the SEL but his play wasn’t very
convincing during the World Championships. In the first games Huselius was
more or less invisible, not demonstrating his fine skating or his excellent
moves. Then in the last group game when Sweden were up against Finland it
seemed as he had finally woken up, and everyone saw the Huselius that they
were used to see. He scored a goal, he skated hard, delivered some fine passes
and fooled the Finnish defensemen with great moves.
But in the quarterfinal his for “one-night” great play was gone. He didn’t
played totally awful, but Huselius is a player that usually carries a lot of
puck and creates scoring chances, which now didn’t.
He was silent against the Czech Republic in the semifinal as well. In the
bronze game Huselius against the USA, Huselius played stronger and scored a
beautiful goal.
Although he was registered for 5 points, which isn’t really that bad, we have
the right to expect more of this SEL star. He will most likely sign with the
Florida Panthers any time soon.

Stats: GP: 9, G: 2, A: 3, TP: 5, PIM: 0

Henrik Zetterberg
, Timrå – drafted by the Detroit Red Wings

Top prospect Zetterberg started the tournament well. He played on the 4th line
along with Henrik and Daniel Sedin. This wasn’t the best line but they stilled
played well.

After the third game, when Daniel Sedin was injured, the Swedish 4th line saw
very limited ice-time. This meant that Zetterberg only played about 7 min/game
which isn’t much time to create quality scoring chances. In the last three
games Zetterberg was more or less benched and didn’t see ice-time at all.
He is still young and we can expect that he will be more ready in next years
World Championships, which is held in Sweden. Zetterberg is hoping for the
same development that Huselius had this past season.

Stats: GP: 9, G: 1, A: 3, TP: 4, PIM: 2

Kristofer Ottosson
, Djurgården – drafted by the NY Islanders

Arguably the best Swedish forward! Ottosson surprised everyone with his very
mature and confident play during the tournament. We all knew that he was
capable of creating great offense in the Swedish Elite League, but no one
thought that he was ready to do it in the World Championships as well. In fact
most people thought that Ottosson would be among those players that would see
very limited ice-time, but instead he was among those who played most.
Ottosson was very valuable in the power-play, where he worked hard along the
boards and at several occasions got in front of the goalie, which helped the
defensemen to score. He was also rock-solid in his own end.

He has definitely had his big international breakthrough now and the rumours
say that the NY Islanders are very anxious to have him joining the team next
season. Ottosson has also spoken to the media and he said that he was looking
for a contract where he was granted to stay with the NY Islanders all season
long, and not risk to be sent down to the minors.

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