Sarich Brothers

By pbadmin

In the past two games the Buffalo Sabres have played rookie defenseman Corey Sarich. He has played very strong these two games, including some key times in overtime game against Ottawa. He currently holds a rating of +2. With recent trade talks it is expected that Corey might be playing with Chicago or Pittsburgh with in the next couple of weeks. He would be involved in a trade that would involve Mike Wilson, Derek Plante and Matthew Barnaby. But if he does stay with Buffalo, expect to see Buffalo draft his younger brother Rod Sarich in the upcoming 1999 draft.

Rod Sarich who also plays defense will most likely make the NHL by the year 2002, depending on the team that he goes to. Rod is an intelligent and strong skater, who has the intangibles of a great defenseman but has to get a little bit more into his checking game. His brother, Corey, is completely opposite and has to learn not to hit every thing he sees. Rod currently plays for the Calgary Hitmen who also brought players like Boris Protsenko, Peter Bergman, Kevin Marsh, Aaron MacDonald and Ray Schultz. Rod Sarich so far has played 17 games but had no points and a –2 rating which equals not a very productive year.

Rod and Corey Sarich will make two very good if not great defenseman in the very near future. Both of them could learn lessons from each other when it comes to checking where they are complete opposites. Corey needs to learn to not hit everything in sight and Rod has to learn to hit as much as he can. Both have minimal chances of becoming very offensively talented players like a Ray Bourque, but eventually both will learn and become a little more offensive.

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