Hidden Gems of the 2001 NHL Draft

By Jonathan Litterine
Not all players get the same amount of publicity as others. Yet there are
quite a few players who haven’t been talked about a lot leading up to the
2001 NHL Draft. Below is a list and why you should know about each of them…

Carlo Colaiacovo (D , Erie Otters) …. Colaiacovo is certainly one of the
top three offensive defenseman in the draft. Which makes you wonder why
people haven’t talked about him a whole lot. He tallied 12 goals and 27
assists last year on a on a offensive Erie Otters team which featured Brad
Boyes and Nikita Alexeev. Carlo is certainly a good choice in the middle of
the first round. If he slides up the charts leading up to draft day don’t be
shocked. Many scouts and this writer feel he will be a good one.

Duncan Milroy (RW , Swift Current Broncos) …. There are a large amount of
factors that work against Duncan Milroy in the NHL game. On the top of the
list is size. Milroy is just 6 feet and 180 pounds. Which is espically tough
for a guy who goes through players to score goals. Yet don’t doubt the talent
of this kid. Last year for Swift Current of the WHL , Milroy had a 38 goals
and 54 assists for 92 points in just 68 games. Some team is going to take
Milroy and hope he can compensate with skill for his lack of size. Yet , if
anyone can find the way to get it done it is Milroy , who has a amazing
amount of offensive potential.

Martin Podlesak (C , Lethbridge Hurricanes) …. Your 6’6 and your 200
pounds. Who are you and why aren’t you in the top of the first round? Well
your answer is your Martin Podlesak and it’s because your offensive skills
are in doubt. Podlesak is said to be a solid player , yet doesn’t have the
extra gear to make it in the NHL. Yet at 6’6 and 200 you have the ability to
find that gear real fast if you work at it. The other question is , does
Podlesak want to work at it? I hope we all get to see the day when Podlesak
wakes up and starts to work. He can be one hell of a player some day.

Andrei Medvedev (G , Spartak Russia) …. The goalie who backstopped Russia
in the WJC is said to have the skills. Yet he is lazy. Very very lazy. So
lazy he doesn’t even practice often or partake in pregame warmups. Oh yeah ,
he’s kinda heavy too. Medvedev is listed at 6’2 , 211. I’ll swear he’s bigger
then that. A good player , with bad character. Once again you wonder if
Andrei will turn it around when the NHL comes calling. Does he want it bad
enough ? So far from what he has showed us you would say no. But if some NHL
GM will take a chance and turn him around you are looking at a number one

Yared Hagos (C , AIK Stockholm Sweden) …. Hagos is not Ilya Kovalchuk ,
Pavel Bure or Alexei Kovalev. He will not go end to end through 5 players to
score a goal. He will stand in front of the net and knock in rebounds. Which
isn’t bad in the first place. But what makes it better is Hagos is a solid
solid defensive player. Scouts say he is a NHL ready penalty-killer right
now. His skating is a little suspect , but that is his only flaw. He can be a
real good late second to early third round pick. Yet he might go much much
higher , if teams have done there homework on him.

Above is a projection of a few players who might not get written about as
much as others , but are still darn good prospects. All above would be a nice
addition to many many teams around the league.