Thrashers Update

By pbadmin

The big “day” is coming…

Draft day is coming in less than 3 days, will Atlanta GM, Don Wadell
trade the pick?
“There is now a 75% chance that I will keep the pick,” Waddell says.
“That’s based on the fact that when you have more time to do your
homework and review your options, this player begins to grow on you. It
just gets harder and harder to trade this pick.”

Wadell had about 1 or 2 tempting offers, to trade the 1st overall draft
The best offer he had received came from the Montreal Canadiens, who
2 draft picks in the first round and 3 goalies. (Jeff Hackett, Jose
Theodore and Mathieu Garon.)
The Thrashers would be most interested in Mathieu Garon.

Don Wadell says he had never discussed with the Sabres organization on
Mike Peca and a goalie.

Wadell has interviewed both Kovalchuck and Svitov, and is interested in
both of them.
But he is more likely to select Kovalchuck. Kovalchuck, 6’2 – 207
pounds, is an incredibly
skilled player with amazing puck handling and checking abilities. “He is
a high-skilled player who can go around players, but he can also go over
them,” Waddell says. “He’s a force. He can take the hit to make the
play, but he is also the guy who can give a hit”

Many compare Kovalchuck to Pavel Bure, except Kovalchuck plays a bit
more physical.

” NHL Central Scouting described him as someone who already has “shown
the potential to be a franchise player.” “Ilja has all the physical and
technical qualities to become a top-class player, and he’s a strong
character,” said Evgeni Zimin, a former Soviet hockey player and
commentator. “Kovalchuk leads any team he’s on and never gives up.” ”

If the Thrashers were to keep the pick, they could still add some
veteran scoring touch
on July 1st when free agency comes along. Names such as Yanic Perreault
or Rob Zamuner
come up in signing rumors.

Will Kovalchuck become the 1st ever Russian to be selected 1st overall
in the entry Draft?
Will Wadell keep the pick, or trade it? If he keeps it, will Kovalchuck
make a big step
to the nhl next season?

As these questions are on my mind, I’m sure they are on Don Wadell’s
mind constantly, lately.

Let’s wait and see…

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Simon Gamache named top player in Canada

Simon Gamache, 1st line center of the “Foreurs de Val d’Or” a junior
in the LHJMQ, was named “Best player in Canadian Junior Hockey”.
The 2 other candidates for this trophy were Brad Boyes and Justin

Gamache, a native Quebecer, was awarded Most valuable player in Canadian
Junior hockey yesterday. This year he led his team to the memorial cup
finals, and beat Mario Lemieux’s playoff record in the LHJMQ with 57
points. Gamache finished the regular season with 184 points in 72 games,
the top scorer in the LHJMQ. He had more points than anyone in the
LHJMQ, OHL and CHL (Canada’s 3 main junior hockey league’s.)
Gamache, 20 years old, is only 5′ 10 and 185 pounds. He was selected
290th overall in the 2000 entry draft by the Atlanta Thrashers. The
reason he was selected so low in the draft is due to his size.
Most scouts and fans aren’t expecting Gamache to make it to the pro’s
next season. In fact, some say he might never make the nhl as a regular.
But all the attention he’s had in the past year could earn him to a spot
on the Thrashers team next season.

(The winner of the Best goalie in Canadian Junior hockey was Dan