Kings Goalie Prospect Matthew Yeats Interview

By Tony Calfo

Maine goalie Matthew Yeats answered some questions for Kings’ Editor Tony Calfo-

HF- When do you hope or plan to break into the NHL?

MY- I don’t plan on making an arrival into the NHL for a couple of years. I have one year left of college eligibility which I plan on using this coming year and will graduate in May. From there it is up in the air. I would guess that I would play a couple of years with the farm team and work my way up from there.

HF- What do you think of the Kings’ organization?

MY- I think the Kings organization is great. The three previous summers I have attended the rookie camp that they host, two were in Thunder Bay and last year in Los Angeles. Everything was done with class and everyone makes sure that you are happy and doing your best all the time. The Kings would be a great team to play for.

HF- Do you follow the Kings or their system?

MY- I don’t keep too close to what is going on in the Kings system, but I do like to see what they are doing and how their goaltending situation is from time to time. If I see a paper lying around or if someone is reading the hockey news, I will go right to the kings section to see what is new.

HF- Do the Kings keep in touch with you?

MY- The Kings don’t really keep in touch. I usually talk to one of the scouts once or twice a year, checking in to see how I am doing and to tell me what they thought of when they saw me play. Most of the time it is positive.

HF- How do you compare with Alexey Volkov?

MY- It is tough for me to say how I compare to Alexei, I have never really seen him play at all. I don’t think I can say that I am better than him or he is better than me. I don’t really have an answer for you on this one.

HF- Is it your hope and plan to sign with the Kings?

MY- I hope that I do get the chance to sign with the Kings. This is going to be a big year for me and I hope I can make the best of it and gain enough interest from the Kings to want to sign me. It would be great, – I hope I do sign with the kings.

Thanks to Matthew for making time to answer these questions, and to his mother Janice for helping to track him down. If there is anyone else in the system you would like to hear from, please pass it along.