Rodman goes one-on-one with Hockey’s Future

By pbadmin

Bruins ninth round draft choice Marcel Rodman answers Peter Baptista’s questions about finally being drafted and the likelihood of turning pro this season.

PB:When did you find out the Bruins drafted you?
MR: I found out the good news over the internet, just about half an hour after it happened in Florida. After that I got a few calls from overseas too from my friends and my agent.

PB: Had they spoken with you before the draft?
MR: I hadn’t talked to anybody before the draft, any team at all.

PB:If not, did you think you would be drafted this year?
MR: I was hoping to get drafted, but because I hadn’t been last year I knew my chances were a lot smaller, so I had a feeling if it happens it won’t happen before the 8th round.

PB:Have the Bruins spoke to you about signing a contract, and playing in the organization next year?
MR: As far as I know they are going to give me a chance to play in Providence of course if I show them something good at the training camp, and I don’t know anything about the contract yet.

PB:What would be your preference, Providence (AHL) or returning to Peterborough (OHL) for another season?
MR: I prefer Providence, because I would like to move to a higher level, but if I have to go back to the OHL I would want to play for Peterborough. I can stay in Europe too, but I don’t think I will.

PB:How disappointed were you that you were not picked in the 2000 NHL Entry Draft?
MR: I was a little disappointed because I was rated pretty high. 94th was not bad and I thought I had a good chance. But I am happy I got picked this year. Better late then never.

PB:Any workout plans for the summer?
MR: I got a workout program from the Petes and I have been working out a lot for a month and a half now and I still have another month and a half to get ready. I was on the ice today (July 16, 2001), the first time since late April, because in Slovenia we don’t have any ice in the summer. I will be on the ice every day for the next two weeks, and then probably once or twice after that. In the middle of the August I have a camp with the national team too, which will last for about two weeks to.

PB:Are you definitely attending the Bruins training camp with or without a contract?
MR: I will attend the camp no matter what, but I hope with the contract.

PB:What do you think is the strongest point of your game?
MR: I think I am a good offensive hockey player. I can see the ice very well. So I guess scoring and playmaking, especially on the PP.

PB:What do you think is the weakest point of your game?
MR: Sometimes I don’t play physical enough, which hurts my game.

PB: In your opinion, when do you think Bruins fans can see yourself wearing the spoked-B full-time?
MR: I hope in three to five years. I don’t know how good AHL is because I have never seen an AHL hockey game, so I cant really say how long it is going to take me until I am one of the better players there, to get a shot in the NHL.

PB:Can you briefly describe your style?
MR: An offensive guy with good defensive awareness.

PB:What do you think of the signings (O’Donnell, Lapointe, Zaumner) the Bruins have made since free agency began?
MR: I think it will help them a lot, and I think that they will make the playoffs next year. I think that they are getting better every year.

Full name: Marcel Rodman
Nickname: Roddy, Hot Rod (from the Peterborough Media)
Family: Mother Mateja, Brothers David and Lovro, Sister Nastja. My dad died three years a go in an accident.
Pets: Dog Roni
Birthplace: Jesenice, Slovenia
Current Residence: Zirovnica, Slovenia
Hobbies: Skiing, Tennis, Hanging out with my friends.
Favorite NHL team: It used to be Detroit and then Toronto, but it is Boston now.
Favorite NHL player: Steve Yzerman
Favorite Web Site: I don’t really have one, there are too many of them.
Favorite Food: Again, there are too many of them
Favorite TV show: Friends

I would like to thank Marcel for answering this interview via e-mail.