Hockey’s Future goes 1 on 1 with Vaclav Nedorost

By pbadmin

One of the top prospects in hockey, Vaclav Nedorost talks with Peter Baptista about what it’s like to be part of such a world-class organization, his
experiences during the NHL playoffs this year and what he thinks of Pittsburgh Penguins center Mario Lemieux .

PB: What does it feel like to be part of such a world-class organization?
VN: Colorado is a great organization. They treat the players great. I was
in Denver for playoffs and really enjoyed the city and the people in the Avalanche organization.

PB: When did the Avalanche talk to you about a contract for this season?
VN: I signed my contract in April. I am very happy with my contract.

PB: Are you playing in North America this season?

VN: Yes. Right now I am training in Edmonton and staying with my agent. I
want to get stronger and get ready for Colorado’s training camp.

PB: Do you think you could make the Avalanche out of camp?
VN: I will try my best.

PB: What is your strongest asset?
VN: I think that a have very good hockey sense and I read the game very well. That is my strongest asset.

PB: What is your weakest asset?
VN: I continually like to improve all aspects of my game. That is my goal.

PB: Who do you think is the best player on the Avalanche roster?
VN: Colorado has so many good players, it is hard to pick just one, but I really
like the way that Joe Sakic plays the game, as well as (Milan) Hejduk and (Peter) Forsberg. I look forward to playing with all the great players in the organization.

PB: Some compare you to Peter Forsberg without as much grittiness, fair assessment?
VN: That is a nice compliment. He is an excellent player.

PB: Are you anxious to turn professional?
VN: I am ready to play professional hockey and I am really looking forward to start my pro career. It is very exciting for me.

PB: Greatest hockey moment ever?
VN: Winning Gold Medals with my teammates at World Junior Championships last 2 years was awesome.

PB: Did you pay attention to the Avs Stanley Cup run this year?
VN: I was there. I arrived in the middle of the St. Louis series. It was a great experience for me to be involved with the Avalanche during the run to the Stanley Cup.

PB: Who is the greatest player in the world in your opinion?
VN: Mario Lemieux

PB: What was it like winning the Gold Medal at the World Junior Championships?
VN: The highlight of my career so far. I hope that I have more great moments like that in the future while wearing the Avalanche jersey.

I would again like to thank agent Rich Evans for helping out with this interview and sitting down with Vaclav and taking time out of a busy day to answer this via e-mail.


  • NHL sources indicate that the deal the Colorado Avalanche gave Vaclav was the highest
    entry-level contract in franchise history.