Russian Prospects: Calgary Flames’s Yegor Shastin

By Eugene Belashchenko

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Talent Analysis:

Yegor Shastin is a technically sound forward, but who has not been gifted with great size. He is a scoring forward who has the sense for the net. He also has the irreplaceable hockey sense to think on the ice and make solid decision. According to a Russian hockey expert, Maxim Dostoyevsky “Shastin is a brilliant little player. Probably as smart as Larionov. But he’s an average skater (not very fast) and … small-sized after-all.” A significant downside of Yegor’s game is his skating ability. Though he has good straight away speeds, he is not as good in lateral skating and his game suffers due to that. This problem is not mortal for his career and he can refine his skating in the next few years. Yegor possesses a great work ethic and plays hard when he is on the ice. Yegor Shastin’s maturity and experience on the ice is very rare for a player of his age. At only 18 he already has 2 full seasons with Super League’s Avangard Omsk. The Super League is a strong league that is comparable to the AHL and Avangard is one of the strongest team’s the league, making his feat even that much more impressive.

Back In Russia:

Yegor Shasting has been exposed to hockey for most of his life as his father, Yevgeniy Shastin, was a star hockey player of Soviet Hockey in the 80s. Yevgeniy Shastin played most of his career with Sokol Kiev, but would probably be better known to the North American hockey fans for his play with CSKA Red Army during their Super Series tour of the NHL. Yegor started joined the Avangard Omsk system when his father was hired to the coaching staff of the team in 1996. He quickly ascended through the ranks and debuted on the Avangard Omsk Super League team during the 1998-99 season. The 00-01 season has been another solid entry in Yegor’s progress as he doubled his regular season output from the previous season and received a lot of playing time during the playoffs.

International Competition:

Yegor Shastin joined the 1982 DOB team for the first time during the 1999-2000 season at the Five Nations tournament. His debut was a success, recording 5 points (2+3) and a +4 rating. He then was given the opportunity to join the Russian Under 18 National Team at the World U18 Junior Championships. There he really broke out onto the international scene with an amazing 11 point (7+4) performance and a +10 rating in just 6 games. The scouts really noticed Yegor for the first time at this tournament and he soared up the CSB charts. The 2000-01 season was very busy for Yegor on the International arena, though it was not as successful. He was a member of the Russian Junior team during at both Five and Four Nations tournaments as well as at the World U20 Junior Championships. The U20 World Championships were not a great success for team Russia and according to the Soviet Sport Newspaper “The more powerful opponents simply broke him, not allowing him to demonstrate his arsenal. Only in the match before last against Switzerland was Yegor able to open his scoring, but even his two goals did not save the Russians from defeat.”


Yegor Shastin’s previously unpublicized skating issues and small size caused him to drop to the 4th round despite still being ranked 14th among European Skaters. The Calgary Flames finally picked Shastin in the 4th round with their 5th pick (124th overall). Yegor is already a very mature player, but will likely stay in Russia for at least another year or two before making an attempt to cross to North America. Yegor Shastin is very established in Avangard Omsk along with his father and will not be very willing to leave that environment unless he is offered a solid contract.

Eugene Belashchenko