Tim Branham

By Scott McFarlane

When the Vancouver Canucks selected Tim Branham with their 3rd pick (93rd overall) in the 2000 NHL entry draft, the Canucks knew that they were drafting a solid, talented defensemen.

Tim Branham

Position: D

Shoots: Left

Height: 6-2

Weight: 185 lbs

Birthdate: 1981-05-05

Hometown: Eagle River, Wisconsin

The 6’2, 185-pound Branham is known more as an offensive defenseman, rather than the typical defensive defensemen. Tim Branham’s skating is one of his more notable skills, along with his big shot. Branham will have more of a realistic chance to make the Canucks within the next 4 years.

The Canucks are deep on defence, with Bryan Allen, Zenith Komarniski and Rene Vydarney all ready to make the next step to the NHL. It leaves very little room for Tim Branham and other defensemen prospects like Bonni, Hay, and Ytfeld to make the team. There are hardly any open spots on the Vancouver Canucks for the next couple years. So many players are trying out for those few spots, only so many can earn those spots. It is going to be tough for the players, but fun for us writers and fans to watch.

Last year Branham played for the Barrie Colts of the OHL.

Tim Branham’s stats

1999-00 Barrie Colts OHL GP 38 G 3 A 16 P 19 PIM 46

2000-01 Barrie Colts OHL GP 68 G 7 A 25 P 32 PIM 77

Tim Branham posted very respectable numbers last season. A nice stat to see was the 77 penalty minutes in 68 games; this shows that he can throw his tall, skinny frame around and doesn’t shy away from physical play. More importantly his stats last year show that he can put the puck in the net as well as pass the puck. Scoring 7 goals last year isn’t amazing but it does show that he can score. Also, last year he had 25 assists showing that he can pass the puck as well.

Offence is clearly Branhams game; his defensive habits need some work but that should all comes with maturity. As he grows and gets older and mature, he will realize what he is doing right, and what he needs to tinker with.

One thing that he can tinker with right now is his weight. He stands at 6’2, but only weighs 185. That is going to have to improve otherwise he will be in the minors for a long time. Hopefully he will be able to get his weight up to around the 200-pound mark. I’m sure he will as he plays and gets more experience in the higher levels of hockey, the trainers and teams will make their players condition and bulk up.

Tim Branham’s ranking

I’ll rank Branham a 6 out of 10 .

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Scott McFarlane