The “Big List Week” is Coming Soon!

By Mark Fischel

Hockey’s Future is proud to announce the publishing dates for one of the most anticipated features we do here!!! For the past few years, these lists have been met with anticipation, delight, anger, criticisms, shock, disbelief, and congratulations. We fully anticipate those feelings to continue.

The hard work of a collection of our editors have yielded what will be to this day, the most debated and comprehensive Top 50 list we have ever published.

What will make these lists so different from the past ones are some new features to look for this time. We will breaking down the top prospects by 3 different on-ice positions, and this will include some players who won’t make the top 50 but still are quality players in their respective positions. Another new feature will be profiles for each player, the player rankings from the last published Top 50 list, and the “Top Risers & Fallers”.

The lists will be published on the site at approximately 6:00 EST, and so without further ado, here is the schedule for the publishing of the HF Top Prospect lists!

Mon, Sept 10th : Top 10 goalies

Wed, Sept 12th : Top 25 defenseman

Fri, Sept 14th : Top 25 Forwards

After these three lists are posted, we encourage everyone to discuss the rankings on the message boards under the provided headings. Please no fistfights, foul language, general hooliganism, or wagering please when civilly debating your opinions in anticipation of the big list that will be published on….

Monday, September 17th : Top 50 prospects

And here at Hockey’s Future, we just don’t stop with the posting of these lists, but we will publish the Team Organizational Rankings on Wed, Sept 19th to round out our coverage of the two most anticipated features we have.

None of these lists would be possible without the help of a few individuals who put a lot of their personal time into this effort, and I would like to thank them ahead of time. Shane Malloy, the Asst. Managing Editor, for coordinating, compiling and communicating to get these lists done. Without his hard work, the lists would have never been completed in a reasonable time and wouldn’t have been as comprehensive as they are shaping up to be.

In addition, many thanks go to Brandon LeBourveau for type-setting the lists to make their appearance much more enjoyable and easy to read. Also more thanks Brandon and Jake Dole for their excellent work in writing up the over 75 profiles that will make up the bulk of the Top 50 lists. And to round out the numerous people who helped, Big thanks go out to the many contributing editors and writers who spent their time with their feedback and input.

So everyone get ready for the “Big List Week!” (Technically it will take place over 9 days, but “Big 9 Days of Lists” doesn’t sound as good.)

Mark Fischel
Managing Editor
Hockey’s Future
[email protected]