HF’s Interview with Martin Hyun

By Oliver Janz

HF’s Germany writer Gerd Hahn interviewed Martin Hyun

HF’s Germany writer Gerd Hahn interviewed Martin Hyun

As Germany`s National team is preparing for Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympic Games – German National Team Coach Hans Zach has many players to choose from. Despite giving chances to younger players of the German Hockey League ( DEL ), German players in north american Colleges or Juniors have not yet been given a chance. Oliver Jonas of Harvard University, Nils Antons of the University of British Columbia, Paul Weismann of Bowling Green State University and last but not least St. Michael`s College Martin Hyun. I had a chance to meet Martin Hyun at the Duesseldorf International Airport and talked with him about his future.

HF: Welcome to Germany Martin ! Did you have a long flight ?

MH: Thank you, my flight was not bad. It usually takes up to 10 hours pure flying excluding the waiting.

HF: Let`s talk hockey – How was your season last year ?

MH: Generally I would say it was okay but there is still room for improvement. I ended up fourth in scoring but you can never be satisfied. During our Air Force tourney in Colorado I had a severe shoulder injury and was not able to play in a couple of games. Before my injury I had a streak going and went eight games eight goals I believe.

HF: Do you have hopes for being nominated for the German National Team for the upcoming Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City ?

MH: The last time I have been nominated to play for Germany was back in 1999 against Switzerland. It would be a great honor but it is up to Hans Zach if he wants to give me a shot. Germany has great players and I know that I have a lot of work in front of me. These are the Olympic games and you have to be in the best shape you can be. Like I said, it would be a great honor to represent Germany.

HF: What are your plans for next year and after your College career ?

MH: I will play for another two seasons with the Ice Knights and want to become a core player on the team – a go to guy. My personal goal is to become the best and strongest player on the team. This year I want to win the ECAC Division II Crown. After my College career I am looking forward to play in either the German Elite League or one league below and work myself up.

HF: Do you know any guys from the German National Team that you played together with in your Junior career ?

MH: Yes I know Sascha Goc, Daniel Kreutzer, Thomas Dolak and Christian Ehrhoff.

HF: How does your team look like for next season ?

MH: I think we will be a young team and since we are going to a new league it is hard to tell how we are going to be. I have not seen any new recruits on the ice yet.

HF: Who is your favorite hockey player and why ?

MH: I have to say Paul Kariya – he is flashy and just overall the closest player to Wayne Gretzky. I have many videotapes of him on European ice surfaces which I watch many times and try to copy moves.

HF: Did you adjust well to the American way of life ?

MH: Yes I think so. This is going to be my fifth year here in the US and I made a lot of new friends. I also keep in touch with other German hockey players that I know such as Oliver Jonas from Harvard and Nils Antons of UBC.

HF: Do you think that Germany has a chance to play for a medal or be in the top ten list of Hockey Nations again ?

MH: Yes I think so. Germany has produced many great hockey players that play in the NHL now such as Marco Sturm, Jochen Hecht, Jan Benda, Uwe Krupp, etc. Germany will have great team that should not be underestimated. For a medal I don`t think so but in the top ten list – yes. Germany is a contender.

HF: Why did you choose to go to the US rather than staying home and play ?

MH: Education and sports combined – no other country besides the US offers this combination. I left also because young prospects are barely given a chance to prove themselves that they can play in Germany. It was a good thing that I left otherwise I probably was forced to quit playing hockey. Germany needs to change its rules regarding promoting their own players rather than old NHL veterans that got cut from NHL teams. Those come to Germany to make the easy buck.

HF: Thank you for this quick interview Martin and I hope you will have a great time here in Germany.

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