Red Wings Camp Notes

By Jessica Haskin

As I stood watching the Red Wings out on the practice a doctor walked in
behind me looking for Pete Correia, the director of training camp. He
was there to find out where to park the motor home that contained
everything for a blood drive. The Red Wings had volunteered to donate
blood after their practices, scrimmages, and workouts of the day.

Trainer John Wharton approved of it from a medical stand point as long
as they ate and drank enough between working out and donating their

So after all of their on and off ice conditioning was completed the Red
Wings went out to the parking lot and donated their blood to help
restore the blood banks around the country in the aftermath of Tuesday’s

There were also other acts of kindness from the Red Wings giving a few
moments of their time with the handicapped who were there to watch the
practices and scrimmages.

Young Courtney Bailey, a 7 year old girl from Traverse City, MI, who’s
confined to a wheelchair was there to watch her favorite player, Kris
Draper, and the rest of the Red Wings. As Mathieu Dandenault walked by
getting ready to play in one of the scrimmages, he stopped to talk and
have his picture taken with her.

Draper, who’d been on the ice for Team B’s practice, was walking off the
ice past her and recognized her from two years before and stopped for a
chat. Courtney asked why he hadn’t responded to her letter that she had
sent him. Draper couldn’t remember receiving a letter from her but asked
for her address promising to write her when he got back home.

As Draper left to change out of his wet hockey equipment, Courtney
shrieked excitedly, “He remembered me, he remembered me, can you believe

Former Red Wing, Joey Kocur came by and gave her a big hug and took her
and her parents back by the locker rooms to meet the rest of the Red

The teams A and C took to the ice a few minutes later to play their two

After twenty minutes of play, the first fifteen being five-on-five and
the last five being four-on-four, with Nick Pannoni in goal for Team A
and Dominik Hasek for Team B, the game remained a scoreless tie so they
went to a shoot-out.

Team C went first, sending out one of this summer’s additions, Luc
Robitaille. Robitaille came straight down the middle of the ice and at
the last moment went to the left but Pannoni was there and made the pad

Team A then sent out the Captain, Steve Yzerman. Yzerman came straight
down the middle and never wavered with a hard wrister through Hasek’s
five-hole scoring the first goal of the game.

Team C then sent out one of the smartest men in the NHL, Igor Larionov.
However, Larionov didn’t have any better success than his teammate

Team A sent out the latest addition to the Red Wings, Brett Hull who
followed Yzerman’s example and also scored a goal.

Yuri Butsayev and Darren McCarty were both stopped by Hasek but
Holmstrom was able to lift one over Pannoni’s glove, below the cross
bar. The final score of the first scrimmage was 2 to 1 with Team A over
Team C.
In the second scrimmage Team C beat Team A two to one with Drew
MacIntyre and Chris Osgood in net.

McCarty scored the first goal with a slapshot that went high, over
Osgood’s glove, into the net. The assists came from Robitaille and
Fredrik Olausson.

The second goal of the game, the first and only for Team A, came from
tryout Danny Groulx with assists from prospects Ryan Barnes and Jason

The last goal came with 5.3 seconds remaining. Osgood stopped the
initial shot from Lidstrom and was then interfered with and knocked on
his back. The puck was lying in the crease next to him for a brief
second before Tomas Holmstrom stuffed it in the net giving Team C the