Red Wings Camp, Day 3

By Jessica Haskin

Looking down a long hallway you see a man walking down the middle of the
hallway with a folded newspaper. He’s wearing a gray and black T-shirt
and black shorts. He’s walking slowly as he fills in the blanks on the
crossword puzzle. There’s another man trying to hurry down the hallway
behind him; but the man in front is so engrossed in his crossword puzzle
he doesn’t realize someone is behind him. As he strays a little to the
right and then to the left, but keeping mostly to the middle, he is
effectively blocking anyone from passing. He fills in one more word as
he exits the long hallway and turns to head to the locker rooms to get

A name, a face, and time for this player?

The Captain, Steve Yzerman, fifteen minutes before he’s supposed to be
on the ice for a practice, which he does make in time.

It is Team A’s day for the practice, which is the team Yzerman is on
this week, while teams B and C have scrimmages.

The players are pretty loose and light-hearted for practices. Take Brett
Hull and Steve Duchesne for example.

Hull takes the blade of his stick and tries to see if it will fit
between Duchesne’s helmet and skull. Duchesne taking exception to the
stick work turns around quickly and seeing Hull gives him a light slash
across the back of his legs. All the time the two are grinning and

Switching between goalies in a drill Manny Legace is a little slow in
going to the net. When Legace turns and sees the puck sailing towards
the net he’s supposed to be defending. Legace dives across the ice, arms
out-stretched, looking a little like Superman except sliding on ice
instead of flying through the air. However, Superman is always there in
time for the save, while Legace was a little short, by approximately two

A little while later Legace makes a decent save and gives himself a
little cheer pumping his arms in the air and doing a little dance in the

A while later tryout Chad LaRose’s brakes don’t work as he slams into
one of Detroit’s 2001 draft pick, goalie Nick Pannoni, sending Pannoni,
the net, and himself two feet past the goal line towards the boards.
LaRose, who’s family came up to watch him play today and tomorrow,
looked up with a somewhat sheepish grin and Pannoni and himself got
untangled and out of the net. LaRose stood up and went to skate away. As
he went to take his first stride his foot landed on Pannoni’s stick and
he just about landed on the ice again but was able to regain his balance
and finally skate away from the situation.

After Team A headed to the showers teams B and C came out to play each
other for two twenty minute scrimmages.

Dominik Hasek earned a shutout in the first scrimmage against Team B.
Joey MacDonald who was the goalie for Team B and played well but not
well enough to beat Hasek.

A minute and a half into the game Team A’s Pavel Datsyuk had a good
scoring chance as the puck was passed around the back of the net to him.
Datsyuk received the pass and shot it at the net, near the goal post but
MacDonald got his pads over just in time to block the shot.

Datsyuk then scored a goal six minutes later with assists from Boyd
Devereaux and Fredrik Olausson. Datsyuk came down on the right side of
MacDonald. MacDonald went down to his knees anticipating a shot. Turning
at the last minute Datsyuk skated across the front of the crease, as
MacDonald dove across. It wasn’t enough though for MacDonald as Datsyuk
lifted a backhand above MacDonald, into the top of the net.

Two other goals were scored by Team C, one goal was scored by Nicklas
Lidstrom and the other from Luc Robitaille.

Team B scored one goal from Sean Avery with assists going to Chris
Chelios and Josh DeWolf.

The final scored was three to one, Team C.

The second scrimmage went to a shoot out as Brent Gilchrist tied the
game up, one to one, with a minute and nine seconds left.

Team B selected Kirk Maltby, Sergei Fedorov, Kris Draper, Brent
Gilchrist, and Brendan Shanahan to participate in the shoot out, with
Jason Elliott in net.

Team C sent out Luc Robitaille, Nicklas Lidstrom, Boyd Devereaux,
Datsyuk, and Tomas Holmstrom, with Drew MacIntyre in goal.

Maltby, Robitaille, and Fedorov all buried their shots into the goalie’s

Lidstrom scored the first with a high shot over Elliott’s glove. Then
Draper came out and took a quick wrist shot from close in sending it
through MacIntyre’s five-hole.

Devereaux hit Elliott’s pads, and Gilchrist’s shot was snagged by
MacIntyre’s glove.

Datsyuk’s shot hit Elliott’s right pad and rolled over into the net.
Shanahan came in close and blasted the puck past MacIntyre.

There was one player left and the game was again tied up. Holmstrom came
down towards Elliott, deked to the right and then shot the puck high
over Elliott’s left shoulder giving Team C the four to three win.