Atlanta Draft Preview: Rome Was Not Built in a Day

By pbadmin

No this old adage was not referring to Rome Georgia, but the expansion team Atlanta Thrashers could benefit from this saying and hopefully some luck. The Thrashers would like to be able to draft a future star player and maybe have something to build their marketing around in the media Mecca of the south. This could be a possibility as this years draft assuredly contains 4 or 5 players of great potential.

The Thrashers draft 2nd and with this pick in any draft you are reactionary to the what the team picking first does. Atlanta’s GM Don Waddell seems to be very interested in Sweden’s 6’1″ Left Wing Daniel Sedin. When asked if he thought the Sedin twins would not do as well if they were split apart, Waddell answered that they should both be stars on their own and keeping them together may not be realistic. Waddell also stated that his scouting staff have seen the Sedin twins about 20 times. Pavel Brendl would also be of interest to Atlanta but the feeling seems to be that Tampa will use the first selection to draft him. When asked about Patrick Stefan, Waddell without hesitation expressed doubt about Stefan’s long term health due to multiple concussions. “The team that drafts Stefan must be satisfied through medical tests that Stefan is able to continue to play in the NHL at a high level”.

The expansion teams of the nineties have had good success in the amateur draft in their inaugural seasons . When we look back we can see that the nineties have provided cornerstone players of some franchises. With some homework there is no reason that Atlanta could not also get a good player in the 2nd round.

San Jose 1991
2nd overall – Pat Falloon
23rd overall – Ray Whitney
Tampa Bay 1992
1st overall – Roman Hamrlik
26th overall – Drew Bannister
Ottawa 1992
2nd overall – Alexei Yashin
25th overall – Chad Penney
Florida 1993
5th overall – Rob Niedermayer
41st overall – Kevin Weekes
Anaheim 1993
4th overall – Paul Kariya
30th overall – Nickolai Tsulygin
Nashville 1998
2nd overall – David Legwand
60th overall – Dennis Arknipov
The Thrashers may take Brendl if Tampa Bay doesn’t, but according to many sources Atlanta is really interested in Daniel Sedin and he will probably be the first player to wear an Atlanta Thrashers jersey on Saturday June 26th. The Thrashers with their pick in the 2nd round could maybe even grab Mike Dommodore a 6’4” defenceman out of North Dakota who seems to have great promise. The entry draft weekend, from many people in the know should be full of trades and contain a few players that have reentered the draft. This may affect the Thrashers. That being said though, the 2nd overall pick would take a extremely good offer before Atlanta would give it up and that seems unlikely.