Bridgeport Sound Tigers Report

By Steve Feldman


Sound Tigers Excited about Upcoming Season
The Bridgeport Sound Tigers are excited about the up coming season. A new team, new arena, and a lot of energy have the team buzzing. Storm the mascot has already been seen around town.

“We want to make sure the game is fun, not only on the ice, but when the game is not being played.” Peter Ricciardi said about the fan-based activities. “There are four great video screens and a great sound system. Fans will see some really fun interactive promotions”

Fans Get First Look at the Sound Tigers
On Sunday, September 23, fans got a first look at the 2001-02 Sound Tigers during a Blue/White intrasquad game. With the team divided into two teams the players showcased their talents.

The first period began with two quick goals by the Blue team when Ray Giroux and David Nemirovsky both beat David St. Germain within the first three minutes. The white team was unable to score on Steve Valiquette.

In the second period St. Germain settled down and would not allow another goal for the remainder of the game. Dave Roche pulled the White team within one when he scored at the 9:22 mark of the middle period. The hitting also picked up in the period as players are fighting for a regular season roster position.

Neither team was able to score, as both goalies remained solid in the final period. The hitting continued to be hard. Players showed good stick handling and sharp passes as the third period had end to end action.

Islander B Squad Battles Devils B-Squad
On Monday, September 24, the Islander B Squad off against the New Jersey Devils B-Squad. The Islanders were able to defeat the Devils by a score of 4-2, on goals by Marko Tuomainen, Branislav Mezei, Jason Krog, and Trent Hunter. Dusan Salficky went the distance and picked up the win for the Islander B quad.

Player to Watch
Juraj Kolnik, Forward

Branislav Mezei, Defenseman
Ben Guite, Defenseman, 6’1”, 205 lbs.
Steve Valiquette, Goaltender, 6’5”, 206 lbs.
Chris Armstrong, Defenseman, 6’0”, 205 lbs.
Sean Molina, Defenseman, 6’0”, 190 lbs.
David Nemirovsky, Right Wing, 6’1”, 192 lbs.


David St. Germain
2000-01Baie-Comeau (QMJHL) GP-53W- 32L-13T-4GAA-3.48

Stephen Valiquette

2000-01Springfield (AHL)GP-20W-7L-10T-1GAA-3.04

Chris Armstrong
2000-01Kentucky (AHL)GP-77G-9A-32PTS-41PIM-42
2000-01Minnesota (NHL)GP-3G-0A-0PTS-0PIM-0

Ray Giroux

2000-01Jokerit (FIN)GP-46G-7A-18PTS-25PIM-50
2000-01AIK Stockholm (SWE) GP-9G-0A-1PTS-1PIM-16

Evgeny Korolev
2000-01Chicago (IHL)GP-4G-0A-1PTS-1PIM-0

2000-01New York I. (NHL)GP-8G-0A-0PTS-0PIM-6

2000-01Louisville (AHL)GP-36G-2A-14PTS-16PIM-68

Matt Libby

2000-01Providence (NCAA)GP-39G-10A-20PTS-30PIM-26

Sean Molina

2000-01Trenton (ECHL)GP-62G-2A-5PTS-7PIM-41

2000-01Lowell (AHL)GP-1G-0A-0PTS-0PIM-0

Steve O’Brien

2000-01St. John’s (AHL)GP-65G-11A-34PTS-45PIM-40

2000-01Trenton (ECHL)GP-7G-0A-0PTS-0PIM-0

Michel Periard

2000-01Louisville (AHL)GP-7G-0A-1PTS-1PIM-0

2000-01Port Huron (UHL)GP-23G-1A-8PTS-9PIM-30

2000-01Rockford (UHL)GP-31G-3A-14PTS-17PIM-20

Scott Ricci

2000-01Greenville (ECHL)GP-15G-0A-2PTS-2PIM-8

2000-01Orlando (IHL)GP-51G-3A-11PTS-14PIM-27

Ray Schultz

2000-01Cleaveland (IHL)GP-44G-3A-5PTS-8PIM-127

2000-01New York I. (NHL)GP-13G-0A-2PTS-2PIM-40

2000-01Lowell (AHL)GP-13G-0A-1PTS-1PIM-33


Graham Belak

2000-01University of Alberta (CIAU)GP-1G-0A-0PTS-0PIM-0

Marco Charpentier

2000-01Baie-Comeau (QMJHL)GP-71G-57A-55PTS-112 PIM-88

Eric Godard

2000-01Louisville (AHL)GP-45G-0A-0PTS-0PIM-132

Ben Guite

2000-01Tallahassee (ECHL)GP-68G-11A-18PTS-29PIM-34

Trent Hunter

2000-01Springfield (AHL)GP-57G-18A-17PTS-35PIM-14

Jason Krog

2000-01Springfield (AHL)GP-24G-7A-23PTS-30PIM-4

2000-01Louisville (AHL)GP-26G-11A-16PTS-27PIM-6

2000-01New York I. (NHL)GP-9G-0A-3PTS-3PIM-0

Kirk Lamb

2000-01Princeton (NCAA)GP-27G-6A-25PTS-31PIM-60

Bob Lachance

2000-01Orlando (IHL)Statistics Not Available

Justin Mapletoft

2000-01Red Deer (WHL)GP-70G-43A-77PTS-120PIM-111

Petr Mika

2000-01Lowell (AHL)GP-13G-0A-1PTS-1PIM-7

2000-01Springfield (AHL)GP-27G-0A-2PTS-2PIM-8

David Morriset

2000-01Seattle (WHL)Statistics Not Available

David Nemirovsky

2000-01St. John’s (AHL)GP-9G-1A-2PTS-3PIM-10

2000-01Jonkoping (SWE)GP-26G-7A-11PTS-18PIM-45

Jason Podollan

2000-01Detroit (IHL)GP-63G-15A-16PTS-31PIM-98

2000-01Manitoba (IHL)GP-16G-5A-2PTS-7PIM-10

Dave Roche

2000-01Saint John (AHL)GP-79G-32A-26PTS-58PIM-179

Nick Smith

2000-01Louisville (AHL)GP-23G-1A-2PTS-3PIM-25

Ben Stafford

2000-01Yale (NCAA)GP-31G-14A-32PTS-46PIM-16

Bob Thornton

2000-01Augusta (ECHL)GP-3G-0A-0PTS-0PIM-6

2000-01Richmond (ECHL)GP-23G-0A-6PTS-6PIM-37

2000-01Greensboro (ECHL)GP-11G-0A-1PTS-1PIM-6

Marko Tuomainen

2000-01Los Angeles (NHL)GP-11G-0A-1PTS-1PIM-4

2000-01Lowell (AHL)GP-59G-28A-39PTS-67PIM-73

David Whitworth

2000-01Trenton (ECHL)GP-13G-3A-5PTS-8PIM-21

2000-01New Orleans (ECHL)GP-45G-5A-17PTS-22PIM-77

2000-01Greensboro (ECHL)GP-5G-0A-2PTS-2PIM-4