Svitov, Chistov and Kiril Koltsov are going home!

By Eugene Belashchenko


By: Yevgeniy Bogdanov

By: Eugene Belashchenko


Chistov and Koltsov are returning to Omsk!


president Anatoli Bardin reported to SE correspondent Yevgeniy Bogdanov that
Friday morning forwards Alexander Svitov, Stanislav Chistov and defenseman Kiril
Koltsov are returning to Omsk. 


us remind that on the 25th of October – several hours prior to the
departure of Omsk’s club from Moscow to Habarovsk for another regular season
match, a police squad under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defense informed
the team regarding the new place of service for Svitov, Chistov and Koltsov,
taking the players to the territories of CSKA’s athletic center. 
According to the information possessed by SE, it was planned that the
talented players would play for HK CSKA.  Though,
not the head coach of the Moscow team, Viktor Tikhonov, nor the general manager
Viktor Guschin confirmed this information. 
The did not however deny it either. 


past Wednesday at the meeting of PHL, the managers of the hockey teams supported
Bardin, who repeatedly underlined that, according to the rules of the Russian
hockey, Avangard players do not have the right to play for any other team other
then Omsk.  As a result the
“business of Svitov, Chistov and Koltsov” was taken under personal of the
Vice Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation general colonel Nikolai
Kormiltsev.  He sorted out the
situation quickly and already tomorrow two forwards and one defenseman will be