Capitals’ Prospects in Portland

By Caitlin LoCascio

Here is a look at ten of the Capitals prospects playing in Portland through Game 13.

Veteran defenseman Patrick Boileau has been amazing this past week. Despite an injured ankle, he scored two goals on Wednesday night and looked great tonight.

Krys Barch has a broken arm and will not be playing for several weeks.

Tonight was Nolan Yonkman‘s first game of the regular season and he had a solid start. He seemed more physical than before. He did not play all that many shifts and is still easing his way back into the game after a knee injury.

The Pirates should keep Jason Ulmer and Brad Church on a line together for as long as possible. They are well aware that their spots in Portland can (and have been) taken away, and both were willing to stand on their heads for the team tonight. Ulmer scored the Pirates’ first goal of the night on an incredibly low-percentage shot from the side of the net that was impressive. Church set up both goals of the evening.

Barrie Moore appears to really be getting in the swing of things and looked much more like his old self this past week. He got his first point on Wednesday night and looked very good and very solid tonight.

My opinion on Kyle Clark is dropping rapidly. He used to have the occasional brillant play that would help to make up for the fact he would do nothing else for an entire game, but the past two weeks he has done absolutely nothing. The fact he is 6’7 is far less of a bonus than expected because he rarely uses this to his advantage. Clark switches between the wings, and now he and goaltender Sebastien Charpentier are the only two players who have suited up thus far this season without a point.

Tonight was also Mike Farrell‘s first night back after suffering a concussion. The first two periods went by and he was barely noticeable, but he really came alive in the third and all credit to him for scoring when two goals down with only 25 seconds left in the third.

Mark Murphy has been having a very hot/cold season thus far. No one can doubt this is a player with huge amount of talent; last year he was the Pirates’ leading scorer and was an AHL AllStar. But to date, he has been having some consistency problems and also is letting his temper get the better of him, something we rarely saw last year. The roster is changing on what seems like a daily basis right with both Capitals and Pirate injuries, and the opportunity is very much there.

Roman Tvrdon still impresses with his speed. It is a wonderful asset for both him and the team and could help him make the NHL.

Overall: The Pirates have sunk into a bit of a slump right now, with injuries and call-ups and a very limited schedule doing nothing to help the cause. They play next at Springfield on Friday night.

Record: 5-5-2-1=13