From the Editor: News and Notes

By Mark Fischel

To start off, I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to all of our regular readers who visit us regularly, some even several times a day. One thing that I keep noticing is that this site has quite a family atmosphere with several hundred of you making your presence felt on the HFBoards site, comments on the articles, or in letters to our staff.

Our goal for Hockey’s Future is to provide a place for hockey fans of every level to come and get the hard-to-find information on their favorite prospects, teams, and leagues. For the most part, we feel that we have been successful in giving you more information than ever before on your favorite subjects, but we don’t intend to stop there.

Coming on Nov 28th will be our 2002 Draft Preview, which will have roughly 25 profiles and pictures on the top prospects for the 2002 NHL Entry Draft. Compiled by Jake Dole with the assistance of several of the league editors, this preview will take on a different look and feel from what we have usually done, so I welcome any feedback. With the publishing of the “2002 Draft Preview” will also be important news regarding the 2002 Draft Center’s launch dates. One thing is for sure, this years edition will be the most comprehensive one we have done yet.

Also being added over the next few weeks will be all-new polls on the team and league pages. Several of the teams (Florida, Rangers, Islanders, St. Louis, Anaheim,) have already been updated, and if your favorite team’s poll hasn’t been updated, send a letter to the Editor to remind them to get to me the new polls!

But the most exciting announcement that Hockey’s Future is something that has been going on for the last two weeks. Due to all of the hard work of our writers, Hockey’s Future is continuously getting more and more recognition from around the hockey world.

We recently went into an agreement with to provide them with coverage for the minor and junior hockey leagues. About 4 times a week, publishes profiles, interviews, and league game reviews and previews written by several of our writers.

Covering the OHL for Hockey’s Future and are Jake Dole, Jason Ahrens, and Brad Coccimiglio. Taking a look at the WHL is Shane Malloy and Glen Crichton. Writing about the QMJHL is Chris Boucher and Nicolas Gaudreau-Dupuis. Last but not least, are Andrew Bourgeois, Todd Crocker and Andrew Ternan bringing their insights for the AHL (under the AHL Report name)

FoxSports will be the only major American based Sportsnews site that is even interested in covering the minor and junior hockey world, and we are excited that they chose us to help them spread the word to an ever larger audience. On Friday, Hockey’s Future will post all the articles from the last two weeks on our sites, but we encourage you to check out every day anyway!

So this has been an exciting couple of weeks for us at Hockey’s Future, and I am always willing to hear any of your ideas or comments at any time.

Till next time,

Mark Fischel
Managing Editor
Hockey’s Future
[email protected]