From the Editor: New Features and Draft Centers

By Mark Fischel

Since we are always thinking here at Hockey’s Future on how to improve our site and make it more enjoyable for all of you to spend your time here, some new features are going to be coming soon to our pages.

Over the next few weeks, Hockey’s Future is going to expand our coverage of the jr. Leagues and Teams with the addition of several CHL Team pages similiar to the NHL Team Pages. As the Editors complete the pages, their link will appear on the right hand side under the “HF Country Pages”. Right now we currently have the Kamloops Blazers page up, and it will be fully completed within the next few days. Please do keep in mind that it is a work in progress and there are still some features that aren’t implemented yet. If you have any ideas of what you would like to see or any thoughts, you can always e-mail me or Shane Malloy.

Also coming near the New Year, will be “A look past” the 2002 NHL Entry Draft with our publishing of a list of the top prospects eligible for the 2003, 2004 and 2005 Drafts. Compiled by Jake Dole with the assistance of several of our editors from the various leagues and countries, this preview will surely be something to give you an idea of the top 20+ players to watch for down the road.

In addition, Hockey’s Future will be publishing the 2002 Draft Previews for each league after the Olympics. Look for complete profiles, stats, pictures, and interviews for the top players in each league, Country, and the NCAA Ranks. Our staff of over 20 contributors are currently working to put all of this together, which will culminate in the largest and most comprehensive Draft Center we have ever published. Look for the 2002 Draft Center to be revamped in the coming months.

And if you haven’t seen them posted, make sure to check out our coverage of the jr and Minor Leagues for Our staff of writers have been doing an excellent job of promoting this wonderful game to a wider audience with FoxSports. If you haven’t gone over to our new site, the AHL Report recently, go now!

Once again, we thank all of you for visiting our site several times a day, week, or month. Without our readership and our excellent network of writers, none of this would be possible.

Thanks for Reading,

Mark Fischel
Managing Editor
Hockey’s Future
[email protected]