Duck’s Pierre Parenteau Profile

By Jamie Randolph

Pierre Parenteau stands at 5 feet 11 inches and weighs 165 pounds therefore making him small
by NHL standards especially for a center but whatever he lacks in size he surely makes up for it
in heart. Pierre grew up idolizing Mario Lemieux he liked him for his magical abilities,
deceptive shot, and most of all his French-Canadian roots. When I asked Pierre what his plans
for the future were he told me that he would like to finish his last years of junior eligibility and
spend a season or two in the AHL then he’d be ready to play in the NHL, his life long dream.
Pierre compares himself to Steve Yzerman although he admits his defense needs work, his two
way play is adequate for the QMJHL and his offensive abilities are unquestioned as so far this
season he has 56 points in 31 games, but eh didn’t Stevie Y start out as a one way player, but
Pierre told me this off-season he will be totally committed to working on his defense. Obviously intrested in Pierre’s skill’s I asked him
asked what part of his game stood out above the rest he said his offensive abilities in general but
more specifically his one on one play, a quality that is very important to success at the NHL

Pierre’s favorite hockey team is the Colorado Avalanche although the Ducks are a close
second Pierre likes the Avalanche because they have great overall team skill and have or had
some great French-Canadian players like Patrick Roy and Ray Bourque. After finding out that
the Ducks were Pierre’s second favorite I asked him what he thought of the organization to
explain his liking for the team other than the fact that they drafted him, “It’s a good organization
with lots of French-Canadian personnel like Francois Allaire and Pierre Gauthier” he stated and also added
that Pierre Gauthier (Ducks Gm) is good guy who likes to interact with all the young players.
Pierre participated in this September’s training camp he told me it was a good learning
experience not only to watch the guys on the ice but how they train off it especially Paul(Kariya) and

All in all at the end of this interview I’ve come to the conclusion that we will be
hearing the name Pierre Alexandre Parenteau a lot in the near future.

I would like to thank Pierre and Gilles Parenteau for making this interview possible.