WJC boxscores

By Ivana Paulova

Here are the complete results of the first playing day of the World Junior Championship taking place in Pardubice and Hradec Kralove.

Group B

25.12.01 France – Canada 0:15

1st Period

02:42 CAN Kobasew (Spezza) 1:0 PP
14:07 CAN Upshall (Murray) 2:0
14:47 CAN Nash (Boyes) 3:0
16:59 CAN McClement (Murray, Harrison)

2nd Period

22:03 CAN Aulin (Colaicovo, Cammalleri)
26:41 CAN Murray (Upshall)
26:58 CAN Weiss (Bouwmeester, Upshall)
31:04 CAN Cammalleri (Aulin, Paetsch)
35:37 CAN Boyes (Cammalleri)

3rd Period

40:55 CAN Cammalleri (Aulin)
43:09 CAN Upshall (Weiss, Nash)
45:32 CAN Aulin (Cammalleri, McClement)
46:19 CAN Weiss (Colaicovo)
49:29 CAN Boyes (Cammalleri, Aulin)
53:31 CAN Cammalleri (Aulin)

25.12.01 Switzerland – Finland 3:0

1st Period

02:17 SUI Camenzind (Helfenstein) 1:0 PP

2nd Period


3rd Period

55:05 SUI Sannitz (Deruns) 2:0
59:21 SUI Ambuhl (Schiess-Forster) 3:0 SH

Jakob Kolliker’s comment (coach Switzerland): “As for the beginning of the Championship it was very difficult opponent. Of course we played with the vice-worldchampions. We played defensive style and that is why I’m not surprised we won”

Errka Westerlund’s comment (coach Finland): “Swiss team played very good game. We started vry bad and got stupid penalty. Following shorthand the Swiss team took advantage and scored. We had also some chnaces, but we weren’t able to score goals from them. That is why I’m not satisfied, but it was our first match and I believe that continually we will improve our game”

Group A

25.12.01 Belarus – Sweden 0:5

1st Period

4:51 SWE Hermansson (Hedlund, Nordqvist) 0:1 PP
7:58 SWE Samuelsson (Nordqvist) 0:2

2nd Period

24:05 SWE Sundqvist (Eriksson, Andersson) 0:3 PP

3rd Period

43:01 SWE Jamtin (Oberg, Hagos) 0:4
51:08 SWE Jonsson (Nordqvist) 0:5 PP

Vladimir Melenchuck’s comment (coach Belarus): “Different teams with different aims come for this tournament. Our main goal is to stay in the top group. I admit that Sweden was better in all parts of the game and I’m glad that the final result wasn’t even bigger difference, for what I have to thank to our goalie”

Bo Lennartsson’s comment (coach Sweden): “Generaly of course I’m satisfied, but our effectivity of scoring wasn’t so high in my oponion. We should have scored twice as many goals. I think this match was a good performance of our players. Our luggage came to Pardubice at 8:30 pm in the evning before our match and this fact of course didn’t help to our concentration. But players became focused soon, palyed in high tempo and scored two goals very quickly”