Interview with Beat Forster and Severin Blindenbacher

By Joeri Loonen

Switzerland is drawn into a group along with Canada, Finland, Russia and France. ´83-born Player Beat Forster plays on Switzerland´s top line which also holds New York Rangers´ prospect Sven Helfenstein. Severin Blindebacher is skating on the 2nd line and is paired up with 84-born Tim Ramholt of ZSC Lions. Both players were so kind to answer some questions right after the game vs Canada today.

HF: Switzerland had a big win over Finland on the first day. Did that surprise you?
B: In hockey everything is possible and we took our chances well and scored some important goals at the right time in the game. Our defense was also very solid which helped us getting this good result.
F: This was a big game for us so we were ready for it. Our solid defensive play helped us getting this result.

HF: What did you expect for today´s game vs Canada?
B: We tried to defend tightly and were hoping we could score some goals to get a good result from this game.
F: We hoped we could win this game so we would be top in our group, but we realized Canada is a very strong team, not only techincally but also physically.

HF: Switzerland lost 6-1 today, what you feel went wrong?
B: Our defense was not ready for this game and against a good team like Canada with top offensive players it will kill you.
F: We gave up the first goal after a stupid face-off loss when Boyes could skate in alone on our goalie and score. Then we came back very well scoring a short handed equaliser but right after that we let them score 2-1. After it was 4-1 in the third period the game was over and we didn´t defend very well anymore.

HF: Were you satisfied with your own play today?
B: I´m not happy at all. My passing was very bad and most things didn´t go too well.
F: I was satisfied with my performance in the 1st and the 2nd period but in the 3rd I played poorly.

HF: The both of you have been drafted by the Phoenix Coyotes. What are your future plans regarding playing in North-America?
B: Maybe I can make the jump in 2 or 3 years but for now I am concentrating on my career in Switzerland as I still need to improve a lot of aspects of my game to make it to the NHL.
F: In 2 years time I hope I will be ready to make the jump to the big league, the NHL, right away.

HF: What are the goals of Team Switzerland this WJC?
B: Well as I said, everything is possible in hockey. We have a good team this year and we can´t do more than give 100% every game in order to get the best result.
F: A medal! That would be our goal. Any colour would be good, even bronze would be a fantastic result for us.

HF: Thank you guys for taking time so quick after the game to answer these questions and all the best in the rest of the tournament.