Swiss WJC player report

By Joeri Loonen

Tobias Stephan:2002 draft eligible Stephan who got a 17-save shutout in the first game against Finland played well in the game vs Canada as well despite finding the puck behind him 6 times. This was mainly due to a fatigued Swiss defense in the third period. Stephan prevented the Candians to go into double figures with some excellent saves. The EHC Chur goalie was especially quick with covering up rebounds and closed his legs in time to prevent 5-hole goals. He
wasn’t to be blamed for any of the Canadian goals in the game and Switzerland know they have a more than safe goalie in their net for the rest of the tournament.

Rene Back: This EHC Chur defenseman logged a lot of ice time on the first line and played well for the first two periods were he showed his capabilities
as a physically strong defenseman. Back was delivering hits allover the place and gave the Candians forwards a hard time setting up plays in the offensive zone

Beat Forster: The Phoenix Coyotes prospect showed himself as a physical presence as well along with Back on the Swiss first line defence. Forster won’t score many points but is steady on his feet and uses his body well.

Thibaut Monnet: Speedy forward that needs to add some strength. He is to become a top sniper in the Swiss league, but hasn’t been drafted. He didn’t have
a great game today, depsite scoring Switzerland’s only goal, mainly because of the physical power the Canadian defense had.

Andreas Camenzind: Captain of team Switzerland and he showed today that he deserved to be so. He showed leadership at times when needed though couldn’t create much offensively because of tight Canadian checking. Camenzind became Swiss man of the match and had some good personal battles with Brian Sutherby during the game.

Sven Helfenstein: The Rangers’ draft pick clearly showed he is one of the most experienced players on the roster, however his skating and thinking is still a notch below that of the Canadians.

Severin Blindenbacher: Coyotes’prospect Blindenbacher didn’t have a great game, but wa defensively solid during the first two periods, however his passing game was below par and more could be expected from this Coyotes draft pick.

Tim Ramholt: This November 1984-born defenseman didn’t look out of place on the Swiss 2nd line. Along with Blindenbacher he was solid defensively in the first 2 period but didn’t create much danger offensively.

Patrik Baertschi: This 2002 draft eligible player who is the youngest of the two brothers had a hard time keeping up with the pace and physical presence
of the Canadians, however he showed some nice stick handling at times, but really needs to add some strength before being able to become a force at this level

Andres Ambuhl: Ambuhl played a decent game and was one of the most dangerous players offensively for Switzerland today. He possesses an average shot which he is not afraid to use.

Tomas Nuessli: Nuessli is playing in the Swiss 2nd league and therefore this game was at a too high level for him. Nevertheless it was his individual action that brought Switzerland’s only goal when he broke through on the left flank while short handed and delivered a good cross ice pass to Monnet. The rest of the game Nuessli played anonymous.

Beat Gerber: The Langnau Tigers defenseman had an anonymous game tonight.
He used his body well but at times it looked a bit wild and he should control and time his checks better.

Lukas Gerber: Lukas, along with Beat Gerber, didn’t really do much this game. Along with the rest of the Swiss team his play was alright the first two
periods but in the third period there was no stopping Canada for Lukas Gerber.

Deny Baertschi: As with his younger brother, Deny shows he posesses a fine touch of the puck, however physically the Canadians were all over him.

Fabian Sutter: Sutter might be the most talented player on the team, however he isn’t taking full advantage of his qualities and at times chooses the most difficult way to solve things which brings him and the team in trouble. Also his stickhandling was very poor at times today. If Sutter can play in the system he could be a first or second line player for Team Switzerland, but as of yet will ahve to settle for a third line role.

Raeto Raffainer: Raffainer had a quiet game and didn’t do much to be noticed.

Juerg Daellenbach: Played on Switzerland’s 4th line that got quite a lot of ice time. Daellenbach however didn’t do much to impress.

Lukas Baumgartner: The same that was said about Daellenbach can be said of 2003 Eligible Baumgartner.

Thomas Deruns: Deruns logged his ice time on the 4th line and did his jobs but didn’t impress much other than doing his job.

Emanuel Peter: This 2002 draft eligible player created some offensive danger in the first 1,5 period but after that faded and not much was seen from
him after that.

Raffaele Sannitz: Columbus drafted this player in last summer’s draft. Sannitz logged a lot of ice time on the 4th line but clearly needs to improve
his game on a lot of aspects if he wants to make it to the NHL. His stickhandling and skating is not good enough yet, especially not compared to the Canadians. And since he also doesn’t posses a great speed burst his play wasn’t stellar in this game. On a positive note though was his more than average defensive play.

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