WJC games recap – Day 3

By Ivana Paulova

Written by Ivana Paulova and Robert Neuhauser

Another playing day in Pardubice and Hradec Kralove ended by disappointment for Czech players.
Czechs lost to Slovakia 0:1, USA tied with Sweden 2:2, Canada beaten Switzerland 6:1 and Finland
won over Russia 2:1. Team Canada is performing extremly well where as young Czechs are still
struggling. You can read more about each of these games in our report.

Group A

Czech Republic – Slovakia 0:1

33:12 SVK Kopecky (Pohanka, Velebny) 1:0

Czech team started the game with offensive pressure which was due to a high number of Slovak fouls.
But the Czechs were not able to take advantage of three five on three power plays. Goalie of the Slovak
selection Peter Budaj had a great day and thanks to his unbelievable saves none of the Czech 45
shots ended in goal, Peter Budaj’s comment: “The whole team performed really well, we all
promised to work for the team and we were able to do it for the whole game. It was probably the
best game in my career and I’m happy that it was heplful for the team”
. The only goal of the
game was scored by Tomas Kopecky who performed really
well and he appears to be in a great shape at this tournament. On the Czech side Ales Hemsky was
awarded the best player and he responded to the game: I think we played well but didn’t
have luck on our side. We didn’t score so we couldn’t win. During power plays we missed
explosiveness. We were a bit nervous as well”
. He had couple of good opportunities but did not
manage to score a goal.
His skating was great and showed some of his great stickhandling skills but that was it. Czechs were
hopeless with their final shots. They lacked a bit of luck but once again Budaj did excellent an

Sweden – USA 2:2

1st Period


2nd Period

34:02 USA Higgins (Umberger, Reitz) 1:0 PP
35:20 USA Larose 2:0 SH

3rd Period

42:27 SWE Ejdepalm 2:1
57:57 SWE Widing 2:2 PP

A very good game was played between Sweden and USA. Swedish team was definitely better at the
beginning of the game. But USA kept their game simple and soon the play was tied. In the second
period USA was under pressure but they managed to score a goal on the power play. It was scored
by Chris Higgins. This goal boosted their confidence and after some misunderstandings in the
Swedish defense Chad Larose stole the puck and increased the lead of the US team. In the third
period the Swedish team tried hard to cut the margin. They were quite successful as Johan Ejdepalm
finally brought the puck behind Bacashihua’s back. This was followed by series of power plays and
after one messy situation in front of the US goalie Daniel Widing tied the game. Both of the teams
showed a great teamwork where everybody was supporting his teammates.

Group B

Canada – Switzerland 6:1

1st Period

10:20 CAN Boyes (unassisted) 1:0
19:06 SUI Monnet (Nussli) 1:1 SH
19:31 CAN Cammalleri (Aulin, Colaiacovo) 2:1 PP

2nd Period

35:00 CAN Kobasew (Spezza) 3:1

3rd Period

48:20 CAN Ott (Stoll, Sutherby) 4:1
48:50 CAN Murray (Nash) 5:1
54:50 CAN Boyes (unassisted) 6:1

Since the very beginning of the game both teams began to take bad
penalties on fouls which could sometimes be avoided. The Swiss
players didnĀ“t want to give up the first goal so they tried to
play solid defensively, while the young Canadians had more skill
and were just waiting for a mistake of the Swiss. The first goal
was an unassisted marker of Brad Boyes, who scored on a backhand
shot. The Swiss players were able to score a shorthanded goal after
a nice play of Thomas Nussli and Thibault Monnet, but Mike
Cammalleri restored the Candian lead seconds later with his fourth
goal at the WJC.
During the second period the Swiss team again concentrated on
defense and hoped on breakaway chances. They were creative on
the powerplay, but the Canadians drove hard to the net and the
Swiss goalie Stephan had his hands full. Chuck Kobasew gave the
Canadians the two-goal cushion and the Swiss players had a tough
task for the third period – score two goals.
All their chances totally broke down after Steve Ott and Garth
Murray scored two goals 30 seconds apart. The goal scored by Ott
came after a great play of Jarret Stoll and Brian Sutherby and Ott
had almost an empty net in front of him.

Finland – Russia 2:1

1st Period

no scoring

2nd Period

33:30 RUS Frolov (Polushin) 1:0 PP

3rd Period

42:54 FIN Immonen (Jokinen) 1:1 SH
58:58 FIN Marttinen (Maatta) 2:1 PP

The Finns went into this game with the fact that they were
still waiting for their first goal at the WJC. The Finns
were eager to score that goal and have put the Russians under
pressure during the first minutes. But the offensive-minded
Russian players were able to cope with the pace of the game soon
and their hard forechecking caused some trouble to the Finnish
But the biggest problem of the Finns was definitely scoring goals.
Even if they had a two-man advantage for nearly two minutes,
even if they created quality chances, there was always a piece of
luck missing, the result of the Finnish powerplay during the
first two periods were only two pucks which hit the goalpost.
So the Russians showed them how to make use of the powerplay and
Alexander Frolov scored the powerplay goal after a wrist shot
from the left faceoff circle.
From the second half of the game the Finnish team looked to be
a bit better than the Russians and the long awaited goal came
finally at 2:54 of the third period when Jarkko Immonen has
beaten the Russian goalie Medvedev, who was excellent that game.
At 17:20 there was a bad moment of the game when Olli Malmivaara
suffered a very bloody injury in face after a high stick of Ivan
Nepriaev. Nepriaev received a double minor penalty and the Finns
decided about their victory during that time. Tero Maatta fed
Jyri Marttinen with a pass and Marttinen fired a hard slap shot
through the screen. Andrei Medvedev had his view blocked by the
players in front of him and this goal turned out to be the game
winner. The Finns won the first two points after a tough battle,
but it was a deserving win.