WJC games recap – Day 4

By Ivana Paulova

Group A

Belarus – Czech Republic 1:9

1st Period

00:37 CZE Hudler (Hemsky, Krajicek) 0:1
04:26 CZE Vondrka (Blatak) 0:2 PP
16:35 CZE Skelnar (Bohac, Novak) 0:3
19:47 BLR Hlinkin (Maslenikov) 1:3 PP2

2nd Period

24:24 CZE Blatak (Hemsky, Krajicek) 1:4 PP

3rd Period

48:21 CZE Hemsky (Horava) 1:5
49:01 CZE Chvojka (Sklenar, Novak) 1:6
52:51 CZE Hanzlik (Plekanec) 1:7
53:27 CZE Horava (Hudler, Hemsky) 1:8
54:50 CZE Blatak (Hanzlik, Plekanec) 1:9 PP2

Czech national selection had a last chance to reach the quarter-finals
by winnig a game against Belarus. France and Belarus are said to be the
outsiders of this tournament but you never know what you can expect of them.
Also Czech selection is known for struggling in the games with these teams.
But this time Czech squad didn’t have any big problems and finnaly they
scored some goals. But coach Holik wasn’t satisfied and doesn’t see
Belarus as an equal opponent and according to his words Czech team has still
a lot to improve.

Czech first line was very effective this time and new formation Hemsky-
Hudler- Horava did a good job and probably will play together in the next
game which is against Sweden. Czech team is now only concerned with at
what position will they qualify because no one wants to play against Canada
in the quarter-finals.

Czech goalie Hronek backed up the team well even though there were only
9 shots. The defense finally started to comunnicate with forwards and
game against Sweden is going to test if Czech squad came over the
crises that it suffered in the previous games.

Group B

France – Finland 0:8

1st Period

08:12 FIN Immonen (Koivisto, Jokinen) 0:1 PP
11:46 FIN Pitkanen (Pihlman) 0:2
18:50 FIN Jokila (Koivu, Kankaanpera) 0:3 PP

2nd Period

26:59 FIN Ruutu (Seikola, Pihlman) 0:4 PP
28:25 FIN Jokinen (Koivisto, Immonen) 0:5
38:40 FIN Koivisto (Jokinen) 0:6 SH

3rd Period

40:22 FIN Pihlman (Yli-Torkko) 0:7
49:32 FIN Maatta (Seikola, Hirschovits) 0:8

Similar type of game as Belarus – Czech Republic. This victory even
more boosted Finnish self-confidence. On the Finnish side the best
player was Jussi Jokinen “In the first period we took advantage
of our chances and that is why we won this game. It was important because we couldn’t
score in the previous games aginst Russia and Switzerland”
. The next
contest is going to be very challenging because Finns will be facing Canada.