Interview with Tobias Stephan

By Joeri Loonen

Question: You didn´t play today against France – did you consider the French to be so weak that your team didn´t need you, or why else did coach Jakob Kölliker let Matthias Schoder play today?

Stephan: We´re neither arrogant towards the French team, nor do we consider it to be so weak. It´s just that both Matthias and I want to play and have to play for some time, and we´ve decided before the tournament that both of us will play at some time.

Question: So he would also have played today, if the opponent had been Canada or Russia?

Stephan: Yes.

Question: Now that you´ve beaten France you´ve definitely avoided to take part in the relegation round. Are you satisfied now, or do you aim for more?

Stephan: Even if we had lost today, we still would have a chance versus Russia tomorrow!

Question: But beating Russia is nothing to count on before…

Stephan: No, but now that we´ve won, we´re looking forward to facing the Russians, and then, next week, against other good teams.

Question: So you aim for a medal?

Stephan: Yes, that was our goal since the beginning of the tournament.

Question: You play for EHC Chur, a not-so-good team in Nationalliga A. Do you think you have more opportunities there to show how good you are?

Stephan: Yes, of course! I get more time to play there than I got in Kloten. I´m still young, and I think I still have time enough to play for a good team later, in few years.

Question: Do you have any plans about that?

Stephan: Not yet. As I said, I´m still young.

Question: And about the NHL?

Stephan: Let´s wait for the draft.

Question: Are you nominted for the draft?

Stephan: Not yet. Let´s wait and see. Of course, when going to a tournament like this, one always has in mind that the NHL team scouts are also here. But when standing on the ice, I don´t consider that, as then there are more important things to consider.

Question: So you think, playing in the NHL would be nice, but you could also be happy with just playing in the Swiss league?

Stephan: Yes, the NHL is a dream, but I would not be very sad if it would not come true.

Question: What´s your favourite team in the NHL?

Stephan: Hmmmm….. Los Angeles!

Question: And in Switzerland?

Stephan: EHC Chur! Of course!