WJC: Interview with Jared Aulin

By pbadmin

HF: Tonight you were defeated for the first time by a very strong Finland team, what can you say about the game?
Aulin: Finland has a very good team. Tonight they were simply better then us.

HF: In the quarter finals you will face Sweden. What do you know about them?
Aulin: I don’t know much about them really. But we will do our best to make it to the semi’s, it won’t be easy though cause all 8 teams in the quarter finals are very strong.

HF: Because of the loss tonight Finland ended up first in the group and Canada now doesn’t play the Czech Republic who surprisingly finished 4th in their group. Are you happy you avoid playing the Czechs this early in the tournament since they do have home advantage?
Aulin: It doesn’t matter, if we want to win gold we will have to beat everyone, also the Czechs.

HF: Are you satisfied with your own performance so far at this WJC?
Aulin: Yes, very much. I think my performance opened a lot of eyes for many people. I am playing very strong so far.

HF: How would you describe your game. What are your strengths and what areas of the game you need to improve?
Aulin: I’m an offensive type of player, a playmaker, in those areas are my strengths. I need to add some weight though to get more physical.

HF: What about your future? When you feel you can skate in the NHL?
Aulin: I’m hoping to claim a spot on the Kings roster next season. That would be good.

HF: You were traded by Colorado to the Kings. How did you feel about that?
Aulin: I didn’t have much choice, but I like it. The Kings are a great team and my chances are probably better to there to skate in the NHL than with Colorado who already have many players for my position.

HF: How would you compare the styles of hockey here at this WJC to the North-American leagues you’re skating in?
Aulin: In North America hockey’s faster and more physical. Overhere there’s more open play. I prefer the North American hockey as it’s a bit more intense then the game here, but it is not bad at all here either.

Which are/were your favourite NHL teams?
Aulin: now the Kings of course and Colorado Avalanche. I used to cheer for the Canadian teams like Edmonton and Toronto. Not so much for Calgary, although I was born there, but they were struggling in the NHL at the time I was young.

HF: What is it like to celebrate Christmas and Newyear so far from home?
Aulin: It’s hard sometimes to be without family and friends during this time of the year but it is part of the job I am doing, so I don’t complain about it. During Christmas we went to a McDonald’s with the whole team and that was fun. We don’t plan much for newyear since we’ve got a game vs Sweden the next day.

HF: Thank you Jared for taking time to have this interview right after the game and good luck vs Sweden and a happy new year.
Aulin: You’re welcome and a happy new year to you as well.