Interview with Lukas Krajicek

By Robert Neuhauser

Lukas Krajicek, a Florida Panthers 2001 first round pick, is currently performing for the Czech team at the WJC. The Peterborough
Petes defenseman answered some questions after the game against Belarus.

When did you start playing hockey?

I was about four years old when my dad brought me to the rink.

Where was it?

In Prostejov, my hometown.

Who had a bigger influence on the begin of your career – dad or older brother, also playing hockey?

Definitely both of them, the fact that my older brother Jan played hockey was essential in my decision which sport to choose, but it was
my dad who directed my first hockey steps and gave me tips.

Who is your hockey role model?

Brian Leetch, New York Rangers defenseman.

Your favorite European team?

That wouldn´t be a Czech team, I´m a fan of the Finnish Jokerit Helsinki team.

And a favorite NHL team?

Definitely the Florida Panthers.

Do you have a special number you like to wear on your jersey?
Probably the 37, I like that number.

What is your biggest success in hockey so far?

Being selected in the first round of the NHL Entry Draft was really great, I enjoyed that very much. This is my biggest success.

What are the strengths and weaknesses of your game?

I think that I´m a pretty offensive defenseman, supporting the offense is my biggest asset. On the other side I´ve got to improve
the play in my own zone and play better defensively.

Have you had any serious injury during your career?

Only last season, I suffered a sore shoulder, but it is OK by now.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I´m a big fond of fishing, when I have enough free time, I go to the river and do fishing. The other thing is then soccer. I like
to play soccer with my friends.

What makes you happy and what makes you sad?

I really hate when people are betraying each other. On the other side a lot of small things make me happy, I´m satisfied with my life
and a lot of things can make me happy.

And what about the Czech play at the WJC, happy or sad?

I think that our play is quite solid. We just need more luck and make use of our scoring chances. The quarterfinal game will decide.