WJC: Interview with Sean Bergenheim

By pbadmin

HF:Finland just beat hosts and reigning champions Czech Republic to advance to the semi finals. Must be a great way to start the new year

Bergenheim: Yes for sure. I feel we dominated the first two periods while in the third our only goal was to protect the lead and advance to the semi finals.

HF: What was your reaction when you heared you had to face the Czech Republic in the quarter finals? Weren’t you a bit afraid of them because they do have home advantage and they had to make up for their lackluster performance so far?

Bergenheim: We know that they are a good team, but so are we. If we want to reach our goal we should be able to beat every team.

HF: Was this win a revenge for the lost WC-final last year?

Bergenheim: Not really. Of course it’s nice to beat the Czechs and the people in Finland must have liked it but it wasn’t our main intention when we enterred the ice.

HF: What is your opinion about Finland’s performance so far? You had a rough start vs Switzerland then had a lot of trouble with the power play vs Russia followed by a strong performance vs France and finally the impressive win over Canada.

Bergenheim: Every tournament we’ve played this year has been like this for some reason. We always start with a bad loss and gradually the team seems to gel

HF: What was the goal of the team before the tournament?

Bergenheim: Like many other teams problably that was and is the gold medal

HF: Are you satisfied with your own performance so far?

Bergenheim: Not so good. I don’t get a lot of ice time, but I don’t want to say anything else about it. It’s the coach’s decision.

HF: What are your strengths and weaknesses in your game?

Bergenheim: I think my skating is one my strong pars and I need to improve my shooting.

HF: How do you see your future career

Bergenheim: I hope to play in the NHL someday. That would be my goal.

HF: You’re draft eligible for the upcoming entry draft. How you rate your chances there?

Bergenheim: I hope to go in the first round, but getting drafted is most important

HF: Who has been your hockey idol when you grew up

Bergenheim: That must be Pavel Bure.

HF: What is your favourite NHL and European team?

Bergenheim: I don’t have a special NHL team I support. In Finland I support Jokerit Helsinki

HF: Do you have a favourite number to wear on your jersey

Bergenheim: Number 10.

HF: Thank you Sean and good luck for the remainder of this tournament.