Final Days of the WJC

By Ivana Paulova

Check out the last games of the WJC!

Placing Game 7-8

Slovakia – Czech Republic 2:6

1st Period

09:30 CZE Pozivil (Plekanec, Blatak) 0:1 PP

2nd Period

20:36 CZE Plekanec (Blatak, Novotny) 0:2
29:21 CZE Hemsky (Horava) 0:3 PP
32:00 CZE Podlesak (unassisted) 0:4
35:40 SVK Kopecky (unassisted) 1:4

3rd Period

41:42 CZE Krajicek (Horava) 1:5 PP
51:00 CZE Horava (Hemsky) 1:6
59:18 SVK Kristin (Macho) 2:6

The game was best defined by the best awareded player of Czech Republic
Miloslav Horava: “There is nothing to say, at least the seventh
. Czech squad finally managed to score more then 1 goal against an
equal opponent, but the victory brought nothing more than just the seventh
place. Julius Supler the head coach of the Slovakia explained the
reason for the Czech victory: “From our perspective it wasn’t a good
game. I even think that this was the worst game we have played on this
tournament. Our players were well motivated for this contest, but they made
a lot of mistakes. In contrast Czechs player very well and they deserved the

Placing Game 5-6

USA – Sweden 3:2

1st Period

15:08 USA Umberger (Whitney, Larose) 1:0

2nd Period

37:36 USA Hollweg (Umberger, Brown) 2:0

3rd Period

48:51 SWE Widing (Hedlund) 2:1 PP
52:33 SWE Oberg (Hedlund, Widing) 2:2 PP
64:51 USA Higgins (Slater) 3:2

The game had to go to the overtime to find out who is going to be end on the
fifth place. Swedish squad again tied the game in the third period as they
did before in the game against Slovakia and the first game against USA in
the regular group game. The less luckier in this game was Sweden and
Magnus Hedlund awarded the best player of that game said about the game: “It was a nice game but
unfortunately in two periods we weren’t able to take adantage of our scoring
opportunities. We scored during the third period but in the overtime the
was on the US side”

Bronze Medal Game

Finland – Switzerland 5:1

1st Period

13:13 FIN Ruutu (Koivu) 1:0 PP
18:07 FIN Ruutu (Malmivaara, Maatta) 2:0
18:52 FIN Jokinen (Immonen, Marttinen) 3:0

2nd Period

23:56 FIN Seikola (Koivu, Pitkanen) 4:0
35:36 SUI Nussli (Ambuhl, P.Bartschi) 4:1
36:20 FIn Saarenheimo (Bergenheim, Pitkanen) 5:1

3rd Period

no scoring

It is always good to see a game with a lot of goals. The first period was
very rich as far as goals and scoring opportunities are concerned. Swiss
players had hard time catching up with the fast skating of the Finns.
Thomas Deruns saw the reason in poorer concentration: “We had very
bad first six minutes, Finns were better prepared for this game”
. Swiss
players don’t have to be that disappointed with the result, it just proved
that Swiss hockey is getting better season by season Jakob Kolliker
the head coach of Switzerland said: “We played well during the whole
tournament but we had some really bad moments. We can only develop step by
step and the result of this tournament is important for us”. The head
coach of Finland Erkka Westerlund’s comment: “We knew that
Switzerland has a very good and strong team that is why we had to prepare
ourselves cerefully fro this game. Although it was hard after our loss in
the semi-final. I’m proud of my players’ attitude to each game here. They
fulfilled practically everything we wanted them to do.”