WJC: Interview with Deny and Patrick Bärtschi

By pbadmin

HF: First of all congratulations on the victory over Slovakia. A great way for the both of you to start the new year

Patrick: Yeah for sure. It was a tough game for us . The Slovaks play a good transition game and their puck control is very good.

Deny: We should have kept the lead after we went up 2-1 so late in the game, but in the end I think we deserved to win this game.

HF: What can this Swiss team achieve during this WJC?

Deny: So far we played with a lot of ups and downs, we’ll take it game by game.

HF: Are you satsfied with your own performance so far?

Deny: Yes I am satisfied with it.

Patrick: Yes, although I’ve been a bit inconsistent. Today I played well though I thought.

HF: In the semi final you meet Canada again

Deny: It will be a very tough game for us for sure. We usually have a lot of trouble against North American teams.

Patrick: I’m looking forward to meet them. I am looking for revenge. I want to kick their ass. Canadians always tend to say Swiss players have no balls, and indeed we didn’t show any in the first meeting but now we know how they play and they won’t get away with it so easily anymore.

HF: The both of you were top snipers in the Swiss top juniors leagues. Right now in the NLA your production has been limited to only a few points.

Patrick: We played 3 years in the juniors so the last year we were the veterans there which made it easier.

Deny: The gap between junior and senior level in Switzerland is big. We have to get used to the NLA first and we also get less ice time and space then we got in the juniors.

HF: What is it like to play with your brother?

Deny: We know each other well and I always hope the best for him. If we don’t play on the same line I watch him closely.

Patrick: My own performance is more important then his for me, haha, no we like each other a lot and we get along well and we have some chemistry together. We don’t have to play together for the rest of our career. I hope not, haha.

HF: How do you see your future?

Patrick: I will have to work hard every day. I might be drafted the upcoming draft, but for the near future my goal is to get more ice time at EHC Kloten.

Deny: I want to play at Kloten for at least 2 more seasons. Overthere we have a young team and a very good and famous coach in Vladimir Jursinov. I have had several offers but I think this coach can really make me better in all areas of the game.

HF: Who has been your idol?

Deny: My father Urs who played 91 games for the national team.

Patrick: My father as well but also players like Theoren Fleury, Pavel Bure and Mikael Johansson who played for Kloten some years ago.

HF: Was it always a certainty the both of you would become hockey players because of your father being such a succesful player himself?

Patrick: No, not really, he never pushed us in that direction. But we went to games where he was playing in and so we got in contact with the sport and we liked it.

HF: At what age you started playing hockey?

Deny: I started in Kloten when I was like 4 or 5 years old.

Patrick: Same for me. I started skating when I was 4 years old.

HF: What is your favourite NHL team?

Patrick: The New Jersey Devils

Deny: Colorado Avalanche. Yes last season’s Stanley Cup final was fun to follow at home, haha. I am also impressed by Ilya Kovalchuk’s rookie season. We played against him last year in the World Junior Championship and you could see he would become a very good player, but that he would do so well so quickly I didn’t expect.

HF: What is the goal of EHC Kloten this season in the NLA?

Deny: We should reach the playoffs, but we’ve got a very inexperienced and young team, so it will be hard there to perform well against the experienced teams.

Patrick: I don’t think the same. My goal is at least a place in the semi finals.

HF: Finally, is there a special number you prefer to wear in your jersey?

Deny: #12 for me.

Patrick: #61 maybe. It is the year my aunt was born in.

HF: Thank you both for taking time. It was a pleasure talking to you and good luck for the future