WJC: Interview with Tim Ramholt

By pbadmin

HF: The Russians just beat Switzerland 4-0. What were your impressions of that game?

Ramholt: We started out pretty well against them, but the Russians techically are a very good team. We got this unlucky goal against, which I thought was kicked in and shouldn’t have counted, and that was a mental blow for us. Quikcly after that the Russians scored their 2nd and the game was not in our hands anymore and the Russians dominated.

HF: What about Switzerland’s performance so far in this tournaments. It has been with ups and downs.

Ramholt: We qualified for the quarter finals. That’s what is most important. We played very well against Finland. So far I’ve got a good feeling about our performance.

HF: And what are the expectations for the quarter finals?

Ramholt: We must take it game by game. It’s the only way to approach it really since this will be a knock out round. We just have to give 150% every game since our team is probably the less talented team of the quarter finalists.

HF: Are you satisfied with your own performance so far?

Ramholt: I feel I played well so far. During the game vs Canada I didn’t though, as was the case for more players, but overall I’m satisfied. I always seem to play well at tournaments. You could say I’m a sort of tournament guy.

HF: Why is it that Switzerland always struggles against North-American teams?

Ramholt: I don’t know. It is just a fact. They play a different style and we always have trouble to cope with that. For some players facing a North-American team might be a problem because of the historical results against them and it is like a sort of mental problem, but I can’t say this for sure.

F: How would you describe your own game?

Ramholt: I think I am good at reading the game, also I can play a physical game and my checking isn’t too bad either. Mentally I am very solid as well I tend to think. What I need to improve quickly though is that I need to play more simple. Too often I am not using the most simple solution to solve problems on the ice. I should get rid of that part of my game.

HF: This is your first season in the NLA, are you satsified with your performance there so far?

Ramholt: Yes, i have been given a lot of ice time and I learn a lot from playing with more experienced players.

HF: Under old ZSC Lions coach Larry Huras you logged a lot of ice time. Under the new coach, Finn Pekka Rautakallio, your ice time is considerably less. Why is that the case and what do you think of it?

Ramholt: Yes, you are correct. Of course I am not happy with it but I can understand it. The coach is new and had to get results quickly. He didn’t know me very well and then it’s usual a 17 year old isn’t getting first line ice time. All I can do is give my utmost during the time I’m on the ice and during the practices.

HF: How would you compare the level of the NLA to the WJC?

Ramholt: I think the level displayed by team Russia yesterday could be compared with the level of the NLA. Difference is that the players in the NLA are more experienced and you can see that in several areas of the game.

HF: Last year you won the best defenseman award at the Mac’s tournament in Canada. How was the level of play there compared to this WJC?

Ramholt: Of course the size of the ice is smaller and it’s more a Canadian style of hockey. I liked it a lot for sure.

HF: You were the capatain of the U 18 team that won silver on the WJC. What was it like to be the captain of that team?

Ramholt: It was a really a big honour to wear the C on my jersey. It was one big fantastic experience

HF: What about your future? Do you see yourself get drafted or skating in the NHL already?

Ramholt: The NHL is my biggest goal. I still have 2 years left before I am draft eligible (2003), so in the meantime I can pick up a lot of experience in the Swiss league. But I dream of landing an NHL spot immediately after being drafted, but it’s hard.

HF: What are your favourite teams in the NHL and Europe?

Ramholt: In the NHL it would be the Colorado Avalanche and in Switzerland it’s ZSC Lions, my current team.

HF: What do you do in your spare time?

Ramholt: I spend my spare time with my friends, family and girlfriend. Also I play a lot with my dog, Jordan. Indeed named after….

HF: Are you supersticious?

Ramholt: Yes I am. I always put on my right skate first and the night before a game I always go to bed at 11 pm.

HF: Finally, what is your favourite number to wear?

Ramholt: That would be either 17 and 6

HF: Tim, thank you for this interview and good luck in this WJC and in your future career

Ramholt: Thank you, you’re welcome